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Images from the South Australia, Australia
One of the great tourism frontiers for travellers, explorers and adventurers is Antarctica, Earth's southernmost continent. Located in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere, it is home to the geographic South Pole. This remote region is popular with tourist seeking an experience that is different and memorable.

One of the reasons many visitors come to Antarctica is the unique display of wildlife, in particular some of the spectacular bird to be found here. Many are unafraid of humans being so close and you have the unique experience of getting quite close to them.

One of the many bird species associated with Antarctic region are the penguins. These birds do not fly, with just 17 species and apart from the tiny Galapagos Islands in the Northern Hemisphere, all are found south of the equator. The Antarctic is home to a number of species of penguin including the Adélie penguin, Chinstrap penguin, Emperor penguin, Gentoo penguin, King penguin, Rockhopper penguin and Royal penguin.

Your trip takes in Cape Adare, at the mouth of the Ross Sea, which is home to the world's largest Adélie penguin rookery - last counted as some 300,000 birds.

The Australian Government - Australian Antarctic Division website lists Australian tour operators for the Antarctic. For those planning to include Macquarie Island World Heritage Area, information is available from the Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service.


Many thanks to Jennifer Cooke for sharing the story and images of the wonderful tour she went on with Aurora Expeditions to Antarctica.

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Royal Penguin - Antarctica - Snapshots from Australia

Royal Penguin (Eudyptes schlegeli)
Royal Penguin (Eudyptes schlegeli) - Images © Jennifer Cooke

Adélie Penguins - Antarctica - Snapshots from Australia

Adélie Penguins at Cape Adare
Adélie Penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) at Cape Adare - Images © Jennifer Cooke
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