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Snapshots from Antarctica

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Images from the South Australia, Australia
One of the great tourism frontiers for travellers, explorers and adventurers is Antarctica, Earth's southernmost continent. Located in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere, it is home to the geographic South Pole. This remote region is popular with tourist seeking an experience that is different and memorable.

Whilst there are tours that can fly to Antarctica, many visitors prefer the experience of reaching Antarctica by ship, with a number of operators available dependent on your route. The best times for visiting the Antarctic Peninsula is usually between mid-November and early March. East Antarctica is less accessible, with the best time to visit being late December to March.

The wilderness of Antarctica offers spectacular scenic vistas, from ice tongues on the ocean to ice walls and frozen lakes. From colours and shadows cast by the movement of the sun, the towering walls of snow and ice, extensive fast-ice1 extending across the ocean, there is plenty of opportunities for some magnificent photography, even for the amateur. So make sure you bring your camera to capture those memories of a lifetime.

The Australian Government - Australian Antarctic Division website lists Australian tour operators for the Antarctic. For those planning to include Macquarie Island World Heritage Area, information is available from the Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service.


Many thanks to Jennifer Cooke for sharing the story and images of the wonderful tour she went on with Aurora Expeditions to Antarctica.

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Antarctica - Snapshots from Australia

Midnight sun over the Drygalski Ice Tongue
Midnight sun over the Drygalski Ice Tongue - Images © Jennifer Cooke
Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Dry Valleys - Images © Jennifer Cooke
Fast-ice in Antarctica
Fast-ice in Antarctica - Images © Jennifer Cooke
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1 Fast-ice, also known as shore-fast ice, ice that is anchored to a landmass, or similar that fixes it in place, instead of floating free like drift ice. Fast-ice in the Antarctic is the sea ice that has frozen along coastlines, shoals or shallow parts of the continental shelf. Often the fast-ice covers an extensive iced region, that protrudes significantly from land.
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