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Republic of Ireland Tourism

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Welcome to our Irish tourism travel guide, attractions tours and charters information for the Republic of Ireland.

If you are a first time tourist, your first port of call to any destination should be to contact the local tourism information centre. To help you with your research and planning, we provide links to a number of tourism related, both government and non-government websites.

If you want to include any Republic of Ireland local community or government tourism related website that is not currently listed, just send us an email with the details, including website (if applicable) and any images that you can provide permission for us to use here.

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Republic of Ireland • Tourist Information

Discover Ireland
Perched on the northwest tip of Europe, this is the one place in the world where even time getting lost will be worthwhile... With ancient myths and legends to uncover, amazing landscapes to explore and locals who will be more than happy to reveal our hidden gems, just go where the island of Ireland takes you. Guaranteed, you'll return home with memories that will last a lifetime
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