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Water Scorpion

Simpsons Gap, West MacDonnell National Park

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Simpsons Gap
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West MacDonnell NP

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Simpsons Gap (West MacDonnell Range) - Cities, Towns and Localities
Located in the West MacDonnell National Park, Simpsons Gap is one of the more well known gaps in the West MacDonnell Range, being only 26 km west of Alice Springs.

During periods of rainfall in the region, many of the gorges, waterways and dry riverbeds fill with water. If enough rain falls, creating pools of water, nature takes its course and life appears as if from nowhere.

One of the interesting looking insects found swimming in the pools is the Water Scorpion, whose other common name is Toe-biter. These strange looking creatures are carnivores, feeding on other aquatic organisms that they can capture including tadpoles, small frogs and small fish. They swim with the tip of their long needle like tail breaking the water surface, acting as a breathing siphon.

With their large pincer-like forelegs used for seizing their prey, Water Scorpions can inflict a nasty nip, although they are also known to play dead when disturbed. Once they have grasped their prey, they inject a venom that liquefy the prey from the inside, which enables the Water Scorpion to suck out the prey's body fluid.
Water Scorpion - Laccotrephes tristis

Water Scorpion - Laccotrephes tristis

Water Scorpion - The tip of their long breathing tube breaks the water surface, acting as a breathing siphon.
The tip of their long breathing tube breaks the water surface, acting as a breathing siphon.

Water Scorpion - Laccotrephes tristis

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