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Mount Sonder / Rwetyepme Images

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Mount Sonder
Redbank Gorge

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Like a wise old person, the mountain watches over an ever-changing desert landscape keeping the stories of an ancient Arrernte Aboriginal culture.

Name in honour of the German botanist Wilhelm Otto Sonder, Mount Sonder, to the local Western Arrernte Aboriginal people the Mount Sonder area, or Rwetyepme (roo -  choop - ma), is criss-crossed with the tracks of their dreamtime ancestors. The main story for Rwetyepme is the Man / Euro (Hill Kangaroo) ‘dreaming’, told on signs at Redbank Gorge.

Following are images of Mount Sonder taken from the Mount Sonder Lookout.

Mount Sonder / Rwetyepme

Mount Sonder / Rwetyepme

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