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Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse

Northern Territory, Australia Travel

Mt Ebenezer Roadhouse
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Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse reopened in 2013, being completely renovated, new staff and management. With refurbished motel rooms, there is also The Gallery where local artists come to paint.

Located on the Lasseter Highway, some 57 km west of Erldunda and the Stuart Highway turnoff was the Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse. The roadhouse derives its name from the nearby Mount Ebenezer, which is said to be named after Ernest Ebenezer. S. Flint, who was the Senior and Inspecting Officer of the Southern Section of the Overland Telegraph Line.

The roadhouse was owned and operated by the Aboriginal people from the nearby Imanpa Community, along with Angus Downs Station.

The Imanpa Community is in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is 7 km north of the Lasseter Highway, the main road running between the Stuart Highway and Uluru (Ayers Rock). Imanpa lies 160 km east of Uluru and 200 km south west of Alice Springs as the crow flies. It is seventeen km from the former Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse.

Imanpa Gallery - Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse

In addition to Mount Ebenezer, there are two other rest stops with services and facilities along route from Alice Springs to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Stuarts Well, Erldunda and Curtin Springs. There is also the Mount Connor Lookout.

For additional information contact the local visitor centres in the region.

Information Centre

Central Australian Visitor Information Centre

Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse Attractions

Imanpa Gallery
Located in Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse and owned by the the nearby Imanpa Aboriginal Community, you can view and purchase a range of art, wood carving and other local craft products created by members of the community.
Pioneers’ Path Historical Display
There is a small historical display (part of the Pioneers’ Path) that includes a number of photographs, some of which is reproduced and reedited under Mt Ebenezer History.
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