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Mary River

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Mary River
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Located about 90 km east of Darwin, the Mary River area encompasses the popular Mary River National Park (proposed) on the Arnhem Highway between Darwin and the famed Kakadu National Park and includes the Adelaide River.

The Mary River is one of eight rivers in the Top End that have large floodplains in their catchments, with the Arnhem Highway crossing five of these eight rivers as you travel between Darwin and Jabiru.

The Mary River catchment covers an area of some 8,100 square km, with predominately freshwater wetlands that extend over 1,300 square km. The floodplains is a variable environment, part of a network of northern coastal wetlands that link eight major rivers.

The region and park is accessible during the dry season, from May to September, although most roads are unsealed. The wet season, October to April sees most of the roads closed due to flooding.

Source: NRETA - Mary River National Park and
Department of the Environment and Water Resources - Mary River Area

Information Centre

The Bark Hut Inn

Tourism Top End - Darwin

Mary River Attractions

Flora and Fauna
The Mary River wetland environment is home to a tremendous variety of flora and fauna. Popular with bird watchers from around the world. A great place to see estuarine crocodiles (which means there is no swimming!)
Bird Billabong
A popular location for bird watchers, with walking track and viewing platform.
Mary River Crossing
Located on the Arnhem Highway, about 3 km west of the Bark Hut Inn. There is a picnic area, toilets and boat ramp.

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Mary River Events

Bird Week
• August This annual events attracts bird watchers from around the world. Among the many species of birds seen here are the Australian Bustard, Black Bittern, Brolgas, Chestnut Rail, Cormorants, Gouldian Finch, Great-billed Heron, Grey Goshawk, Hooded Parrots, Magpie Geese, Mangrove Golden Whistler, Pelicans, Rainbow Pittas, Rufous Owls, Spoonbills, White-bellied Sea Eagles, are just some of the many species that have been seen.

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Mary River Tours

NT ToursOutback  • EcoAdventureNational Tours
NT Bird Specialists
• Mary River Crossing, Arnhem Hwy NT
• Ph: +61 8 8978 8877 • Freecall: 1800 788 844 • Email (General Enquiries) / Email (Bookings)
‘... Imagine. A wilderness remote and pristine. Populated more by a profusion of wildlife than humanity. Surrounded by nearly three hundred species of birds. Your cabin, private, air conditioned, and within a minutes walk of the shaded pool, bar and restaurant. Welcome to NT Bird Specialists!’

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