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West MacDonnell National Park

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West MacDonnell NP
West MacDonnell NP Info

MacDonnell Ranges
West MacDonnell

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The West MacDonnell National Park include spectacular scenery that encompasses parts of the MacDonnell Ranges and offers much for the those interested in camping and bush walking.

This mountain range is one of the world’s oldest and eight hundred million years ago it was higher than the Himalayas. Over the time, the elements have taken their toll and worn the mountains down, but even today you can sense the majestic power it has over the landscape and experience the spirit in the land.

The West MacDonnell Ranges is the location for one of the worlds most spectacular walking trails, Larapinta Trail, stretching some 223 km, running along the ridge top of the range, and dipping into the many gaps, chasms and gorges.

Centralian Green Tree Frog at Simpsons Gap, West MacDonnell Range, NT, Australia.Starting from Alice Springs the ranges stretches west past a number of popular attractions that include gorges and permanent waterholes. Some popular destinations along its length include:

For additional attractions, tours and other information contact the NT Parks and Wildlife or the local tourism visitor centre.

Information Centre

Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory - Alice Springs Region 

West MacDonnell National Park Attractions

Larapinta Trail
This walking trail cover a total of 250 km, that runs along the backbone of the West MacDonnell Range and through the spectacular MacDonnell Range National Park. Starting just west of Alice Springs, the trail runs through to Mount Sonder, allowing the opportunity to experience the beauty and vastness of the landscape along the way. Broken into a series of sections, visitors can experience anything from a one to a three day walk, or for the more adventurous to actually do the entire trail, billed as an energetic two-week adventure.
Walkers are advised to pick up the appropriate pamphlet prior to attempting any section of the Larapinta trail. For your safety register details of your walk by telephoning the Walker Registration Scheme.

Ormiston Gorge
Located in the vast and spectacular West MacDonnell Range and part of the West MacDonnell National Park, Ormiston Gorge with a near-permanent waterhole, showcases the spectacular geology and landforms of the region. When full, the waterhole is estimated to be up to 14 metres deep at its southern end.
Simpsons Gap
Located only 26 km west of Alice Springs, Simpsons Gap offer a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Black-footed Rock Wallabies during the early morning or at dusk.
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West MacDonnell NP Tours

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Trek LarapintaTrek Larapinta
• ALICE SPRINGS NT 0870 • Ph: 08 8953 2933 • Fax: 08 8953 2913 • Email
(We may be out on the trail and will need a few days to respond to your contact - be it phone/fax/email. Please be patient.)
Walking tours on the Larapinta Trail. Trek Larapinta specialises in tailor made walks. Our walking calendar is largely shaped by group bookings for 4 to 7 people made well in advance. With enough notice we can schedule walks for just 2 or 3 people and add others to them. Alternatively, you may be able to slot into an already scheduled walk.
Find and book our Northern Territory’s most popular sights, tours, and attractions. Booking ahead with Viator means you won’t miss out on popular tours and attractions.

Start your Alice Springs, Ayers Rock / Uluru and Darwin tours.

Many tours to nearby popular destinations start from Alice Springs and Darwin, taking you to places including Adelaide River, Katherine, Kakadu, Kings Canyon, Litchfield National Park, and West MacDonnell Range.
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Aerial view of the West MacDonnell Range near Glen Helen, Central Australia.
Aerial view across the western end of the West MacDonnell Range.

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