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Glen Helen Gorge / Resort and Homestead

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Glen Helen
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West MacDonnell Range

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Located in the spectacular West MacDonnell Range, Glen Helen Gorge is at the end of the sealed section of road known as Namatjira Drive, named after the famous Indigenous artist Albert Namatjira.

The gorge is some 500 million years ago, formed from quartzite, part of the ranges running roughly east-west for 644 km, that were formed when the Alice Springs Orogeny saw the folding and fracturing of the bed rock, raising it above sea level.

As this uplift was occurring, the mighty Finke River slowly eroded a path through the mountain range. To the local Aborigines, Glen Helen is known as Yapalpe and the Finke River is Larapinta (said to mean 'serpent'). It was a favourite meaning place for the Indigenous people from the West and Central MacDonnell Ranges.

Glen Helen Gorge protects a significant waterhole of the region, and along the Finke River. It is home to several species of native desert fish, and waterbirds, that are usually associated with coastal areas.

Glen Helen Gorge is a well enjoyed stop for those who have done the Larapinta Trail, a 223 km long distance bush walk that follows the backbone of the West MacDonnell Range, starting west of Alice Springs and encompassing many of the Western Macs featured attractions, all the way to Mount Sonder.

Glen Helen is the name given not only to the Gorge, and the 368 ha Nature Park, surrounding the Gorge, but also to the Glen Helen Resort and Homestead. Facilities here include motel style accommodation, powered sites or ‘rough it’ under the stars in well maintained campgrounds. It is a popular place to base yourself when visiting Ormiston Gorge, Mount Sonder, and Redbank Gorge.

For additional attractions, tours and other information contact local tourism visitor centre.

Aerial view across Glen Helen Homestead and Gorge © Ausemade Pty Ltd

Relaxing over views to the range at Glen Helen © Ausemade Pty Ltd

Information Centre

Glen Helen Homestead
Namatjira Drive
Ph: 08 8956 7489
Fax: 08 8956 7495

Central Australian Visitor Information Centre

Glen Helen Images

• Images
Glen Helen Gorge and Waterhole © Ausemade Pty Ltd Aerial view of the Finke River crossing Namatjira Drive © Ausemade Pty Ltd Aerial view over Glen Helen Lodge and Homestead © Ausemade Pty Ltd
See the Snapshots from Australia section for more images of Glen Helen...
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Glen Helen Tours

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• Glen Helen Air Tours
Alice Springs Helicopters Australian National Helicopters (ANH)
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Discover the Outback from the air. Based at Glen Helen Resort, offering a range of helicopter flights ranging in prices from the ‘Serene’ Glen Helen Gorge, the ‘Awesome’ Finke River, the ‘Spell-Binding’ Ormiston Gorge, the ‘Soar Like An Eagle’ Mount Sonder and the ‘Blast From The Past’ Gosse Bluff.

Check out AusEmade’s aerial images of the amazing West MacDonnell Range around the Glen Helen, Mount Sonder and Ormiston Gorge region.
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Glen Helen Distance

Distance to Glen Helen
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Glen Helen:
Alice Springs 142
Ellery Creek Big Hole 44
Ormiston Gorge 11
Redbank Gorge 25
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.

1 Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities: Geology
— The sea receded between 400 and 300 million years ago and the rocks were folded and fractured. This second major folding is called the Alice Springs Orogeny...
The waterhole at Glen Helen Gorge © Ausemade Pty Ltd
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