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Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve - Flora

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Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve
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Broad-Leaf Parakeelya
(Calandrinia balonensis)

The Genus Calandrinia, known as parakeelyas is made up of approximately 150 species, with Australia home to about 40 species. In Central Australia and the Northern Territory there are about 11 specieis.

With the almost fluorescent purple petals and bright yellow centre, they are hard to miss. Some species are so similar that they are difficult to tell apart and can only be identified through closer inspection of the petals, stamens, stigmas and seeds.

One of the more commonly seen variety in Central Australia is the Broad-leaf Parakeelya which can be identified by the 5 notched purple petals, the many stamens and 3 stigma branches with a short style.

Broad-leaf parakeelya is a succulent annual herb with erect flowering stems that rise out from clump of leaves. The leaves are flat and fleshy with a vein on the surface. The leaves also occur on the flower stem.
Broad-Leaf Parakeelya (Calandrinia balonensis)

Broad-Leaf Parakeelya (Calandrinia balonensis) © AusEmade Pty Ltd

Broad-Leaf Parakeelya (Calandrinia balonensis) © AusEmade Pty Ltd

Broad-Leaf Parakeelya (Calandrinia balonensis) © AusEmade Pty Ltd

© AusEmade Pty Ltd
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