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Flora & Fauna of Central Australia

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Central Australia
Flora & Fauna
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Flora and Fauna of Central Australia
The arid heart of Central Australia is a beautiful region encompassing endless outback roads, flat horizons, spectacular ranges (some extending for over 600 kms), gorges, chasms, gaps, monolith rocks, huge salt pans, claypans, dry river beds and permanent water holes.

Far from being devoid of life, the region is brimming with unique flora and fauna. During the dry seasons that extend into drought, life clings on, and when the does rain fall, sometimes so heavy that former dry river beds become raging torrents, mother nature goes into hyper drive and the landscape will turn green, wildflowers and wildlife appear in abundance.

Whether it is the marsupials, mammals, reptiles, birds, desert fish, frogs, insects, wildflowers, trees and shrubs... there is life every where.

Check out some of our images of the wonderful life to be found in the heart of Australia...


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