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Fauna of Central Australia

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Central Australia Fauna
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Fauna of Central Australia - Insects

Central Australia has a variety of insects, from the tiniest ants and termites to large grasshoppers and centipedes.

Whilst some such as the cicada are colourful and loud and are safe to handle, others are not and can inflict either a painful sting or bite or like our red back spiders can cause extreme illness and death.

Following are some images of some of the insects to be found in Central Australia.

Fauna Images

• Insects in Central Australia

Dragonfly Nymph at Simpsons Gap, Central Australia.
Dragonfly Nymph
Insects in Central Australia

No matter where you go in Australia, there are insects. An integral part of the web of life, many creatures need them for food, whilst even many flowering plants require insects to pollinate them.

Some insects have adapted to live with humans, whilst others can reach plaque proportions when conditions are right.

Check out some of our images here.

Blistered Pyrgomorph (Monistria pustulifera)
Blistered Pyrgomorph
Red Back Spider © Colin Leel, September 2007
Red Back Spider
Native Cockroach - Kings Canyon.
Native Cockroach
Termites at Kings Canyon © Greg Sully, March 2007
Cicada - Orange Drummer (Thopha colorata) © AusEmade PL, Nov 2007
Orange Drummer
Caper White Butterfly (Belenois java) © Greg Sully, April 2007
Caper White Butterfly
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