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Fauna of Central Australia

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Central Australia Fauna
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Fauna of Central Australia - Frogs
The arid landscape of Central Australia has an array of habitats, from the sandy desert regions, salt pans, claypans, gorges, chasms and gaps, with dry riverbeds weaving through the landscape linking up permanent water holes, that are often the life blood for a number of wildlife. It is in this unique landscape of Central Australia that a variety of frog species are found.

Except where there is permanent water, many desert frog species only emerge after some significant rainfall. As water in the arid landscape does not usually last long, the frogs in the region mate, spawn, whilst the tadpoles develop into frogs, all within the space of about 12 to 14 days.

Following are some images of the frogs that can be found in Central Australia.

Fauna Images

Frogs in Central Australia
Centralian Tree Frog in a small pond at Simpsons Gap.
Centralian Green
The Spencer’s Burrowing Frog emerging from below the sand...
Spencer’s Burrowing
Frogs in Central Australia

Despite the arid conditions, there are a number of frog species that are found throughout the arid region of Central Australia.

Often the best time to see them is after any significant rain, when they emerge from their hideaway to spawn.

  • Centralian Green Frog
    sometimes known as the Green Tree Frog is the largest of the Central Australian frogs, found living in the cracks of the rocky crevasses usually around water. These frogs are mainly nocturnal, emerging out of the tightest of rock cracks
  • Desert Tree Frog
    this tiny frog gets their name from being found at the base of some of the trees along the river edge, such as the River Red Gum;
  • Desert Trilling Frog
    another species of Australian burrowing frogs;
  • Main’s Frog
    known as the Sheep Frog because the call of the breeding male frogs sound like the bleating of sheep;
  • Spencer’s Burrowing Frog
    spend their lives burrowed in the ground, waiting for the next rains;
Desert Tree Frog (Litoria rubella) - January 2007 © Greg Sully
Desert Tree Frog
Main’s Frog (Cyclorana maini) at Simpsons Gap, NT, Australia.
Main’s Frog
Desert Trilling Frog at the Ilparpa Claypans in Alice Springs, NT, Australia.
Desert Trilling Frog
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