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Casuarina Coastal Reserve

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Casuarina Coastal Reserve
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Casuarina Coastal Reserve - Cities, Towns and Localities
Located between the estuaries of Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek, north of Darwin, Casuarina Coastal Reserve protects about 1,500 ha of coastal habitats that includes 8 km of sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and casuarina trees.

The Larrakia people speak for the area and maintain links with the land, its sacred and significant sites that include Dariba Nunggalinya (Old Man Rock), a rock formation offshore visible at low tide from Dripstone Cliffs lookout. Although fishing is permitted, disturbing the rock in any way or the removal of shellfish from this site is prohibited.

Also found in the park are artillery observation posts, a reminder of our involvement in World War II. These can be seen on the walk between Trower Road and Lee Point. Access to the reserve is via the Rapid Creek, Trower Road (Brinkin), Lee Point or Buffalo Creek Roads.

The reserve is accessible throughout the year.

Wildlife found in the area include ospreys, sea eagles, cormorants and gulls, with the beach areas near Buffalo Creek an important resting and feeding spot for wading and migratory birds. At low tide tropical marine life can be found in the rock pools.

Any Saltwater (Estuarine) Crocodiles found in the are are removed as part of the Commission’s Saltwater Crocodile Management of Darwin Harbour, although they may enter the area undetected.

The deadly Box Jellyfish have been recorded throughout the year, but are most common between October and April.

Flatbacks (turtle) also nest on the beach, with turtle release events occurring during the year. (Contact the Parks & Wildlife Commision of the NT at Palmerston.) There is a signposted walking trail, as well as a nudist area north of Dripstone Picnic Area. Nudists are required to stay within the signposted boundaries.

Source: Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory
 - Casuarina Coastal Reserve

Information Centre Parks and Wildlife Commission of NT - Darwin Region/Palmerston

Visit the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory - Casuarina Coastal Reserve for map details.

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