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Northern Territory has many attractions for the tourist, a state of diverse landscapes and many interesting towns and cities. For information on places and things to see, or to view some of our fantastic landscape and flora and fauna, visit any of our listed links.

Follow one of the 3 main categories above to find your destination. We have also provided below a variety of links to a number of related topics both in the Northern Territory and nationally. Each section provides information and additional links to other sites that offer information when planning your holiday.

We have tried to include as many local attractions as possible. If we have missed something, contact us with your request.

Start your Alice Springs, Ayers Rock / Uluru and Darwin tours.

Many tours to nearby popular destinations start from Alice Springs and Darwin, taking you to places including Adelaide River, Katherine, Kakadu, Kings Canyon, Litchfield National Park, and West MacDonnell Range.
Alice Springs | Ayers Rock / Uluru | Darwin


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