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Anmatjere Country

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Anmatjere Country encompasses a region of approximately 4,000 square kilometres, that centres around the town of Ti Tree. It is located approximately 200 km north of Alice Springs and sits on the edge of the Tanami Desert, comprising rolling hills and wide open scrubland... a place of outback beauty...

With approximately 2,000 people living throughout the Anmatjere region, at least 60% of the population speak ‘Anmatjere’ as their first language.

By following the Stuart Highway, you will be taken through Anmatjere Country and Ti Tree (sometimes referred to as Tea Tree), however if you want to turn off the highway or visit one of the Aboriginal Communities, you will need to obtain permission from the Traditional Owners.

As well as Ti Tree, other popular locations within Anmatjere Country include Gemtree, on the Plenty Highway, which provides opportunities for tourists to fossick for garnets and zircons in the richest field in Australia. On offer is also Indigenous Tourism - two fantastic art galleries in Ti Tree, arts and crafts at the Aileron Roadhouse and the amazing dancing at Laramba and Alcoota.

Source: Anmatjere Community Government Council

Additional tourism information can be had from the local visitor centre in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. Information can also be had at Aileron Roadhouse. Accommodation in Anmatjere Country is available at Aileron and Ti Tree.

Information Centre

Central Australian Visitor Information Centre - Alice Springs

Aileron Roadhouse

Anmatjere Country Attractions

Anmatjere Man
One of the main draw cards for the popular stop of Aileron is the giant 17 metre high statue called ‘Anmatjere Man’, which is based on a traditional man from the local Anmatjere tribe. Built by Alice Springs local, Mark Egan, the statue was built in 12 months, weighs about nine tonne, was erected in December 2005 and stands proudly on a hill overlooking Aileron and the surrounding region. The Anmatjere people have named the sculpture after Charlie Quartpot Ngwarray, who once lived in this area — he was a leader and an important man, a rainmaker. Greg Dick, owner of the Aileron Hotel has installed lights so that the huge figure can be seen at night.

‘Anmatjere Man’ has now been joined by ‘Anmatjere Woman and Child’.
Aileron Hotel Roadhouse
• Stuart Hwy, AILERON • Ph: 08 8956 9703 • Fax: 08 8956 9868
The hotel was established in 1936 and provided a welcome stop for travellers heading up and down the track. Today, it provides all the usual facilities including fuel and autogas, EFTPOS, take-away food, tourist information, native wildlife, Aboriginal arts and crafts, licensed restaurant, plus various types of accommodation.

To view other roadhouse info, click here.
Outback Art Gallery
• Aileron Roadhouse, Stuart Hwy, NT • Ph: 08 8956 9111 • Email
• Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm, Sun 10 am - 4 pm
Located at the base of the giant Anmatjere Man sculptor is this gallery housing works from the local Anmatjere people and surrounding areas. Relax and enjoy a coffee in a peaceful setting and view the artwork and souvenirs.
Ryans Well Historical Reserve
The reserve is named after Ned Ryan who was a stonemason who became an expert at sinking wells. The well was hand-dug in 1889 to supply water for travellers.

The historic importance of reserve lies in its significant part of the Northern Territory's development, particularly the watering systems associated with stock movement along the Overland Telegraph Line.

The Reserve contains a well, the storage tank stand and the ruins of Glen Maggie Homestead. The Homestead ruins are associated with the Nicker family and the Central Australian personality "Cloudy" Beale. It also provides evidence of the way of life of pastoral settlers during the early part of the Twentieth Century and shows how local materials were used. The whole well system shows how stock were watered in those early days.

NT Parks and Wildlife Service Ryan Well Historical Reserve Information Sheet
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Anmatjere Country Other Links

• Anmatjere Country Community/Local Government Links

Natural Resources, environment and the Arts (NRETA) - Ryan Well Historic Reserve and Ryan Well (pdf)
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