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Todd River

Alice Springs Images

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Alice Springs
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The Todd River begin in the MacDonnell Ranges, flowing past the Telegraph Station, almost through the centre of Alice Springs, through Heavitree Gap and continuing on for some distance before it becomes a tributary of the Hale River, that eventually flows into Lake Eyre in South Australia.

Most of the time the river appears dry, except for the occasional water hole along it's length. It is the iconic River Red Gum seen growing along the river course, that indicate there is water below the river bed surface.

On the occasion when there is significant rainfall along the Todd catchment region, locals and visitors are treated to the rare event of the Todd River in flow...

Following images of water flowing in the Todd River - 8 January, 2010
There are many locations along the length of the Todd River popular with families and their pet dogs, especially when the river is in flow. Care should be taken on where you take your dogs as some locations may have a particularly strong current, as well as debris swept down from further up river.

Dog friendly play in the Todd River.

River Red Gum and family dog enjoying the Todd River.

A great dog friendly play event, the Todd River in flow.

Swimming in the Todd River with the family pet.

Dog friendly play in the Todd River.

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