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Untyeyetwelye ANZAC Hill

This hill is a special place to the Aboriginals, its name means ‘Corkwood story’. The story is about a woman who avoids the company of men.

The hill is also the site of the ‘ANZAC Hill War Memorial’, that commemorates the sacrifice of our men and women during the wars. More information can be had about the contribution of our soldiers from the region in the RSL Club War Museum, which is acknowledged as having one of the most significant collections of war memorabilia in Australia, dating from circa 1854 to the Timor conflict.

The hill is also a popular place for tourist from which to get a birds eye view of Alice Springs, the MacDonnell Ranges, Heavitree Gap and the surrounding region. It’s near central location in town makes for an easy place to get to or you can walk up the hill via the ‘Lions Walk’.
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- is a special place for both the Aboriginals and to commemorate the sacrifices of our men and women during the wars.
Lions Walk that takes you up to the top of Anzac Hill. Wild Passionfruit (Capparis spinosa var. nummularia) Sunrise over ‘ANZAC Hill War Memorial’ Sunrise from ‘ANZAC Hill’.
Sunrise from ‘ANZAC Hill’ overlooking Alice Springs and Mount Gillen. Sunrise from ‘ANZAC Hill’ overlooking Alice Springs, Mount Gillen and the ranges.    
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