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Aboriginal Culture
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Alice Springs
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Alice Springs
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Welcome to our Country

Anwerne Mparntwe-arenye tyerrtye mapele arrenhantherre welcome-ileme apmere anwerne-kenhe-werne. Anwerne ahentye-aneme arrantherre akaltye-irremele respectem-iletyeke apmere nhenhe.

We, the people who belong to Alice Springs, welcome you to our country. We hope you will learn about, and respect our country. We, the people who belong to Alice Springs.


Source: Alice Springs Town Council

Arrernte Dreaming

The Arrernte Traditional Owners of Mparntwe (Alice Springs), have been in the region since time immemorial. A culture that dates back over 60,000 years with a spiritual connection that is echoed throughout the landscape. Stories of their dreamtime tell of the beginning when Altyerrenge, ancestral figures created the landscape, its features and Arrernte Law.

The Arrernte people lived in Mparntwe, observing the laws, looking after the country and teaching the children the Arrernte language and the importance of their culture.

It is told in stories passed down, that the landscape was shaped by caterpillars, wild dogs, travelling boys, two sisters, euros and other ancestral figures. As such there are many sites of importance and cultural significance to the Traditional Owners such as Anthwerrke (Emily Gap) - a place where the caterpillar beings came together.

Other sites of significance include Akeyulerre (Billy Goat Hill), Ntaripe (Heavitree Gap), Atnelkentyarliweke (Anzac Hill) and Alhekulyele (Mount Gillen).

Some of the first Dreaming stories ever recorded were those of the Arrernte (pronounced ‘Arunda’) people of Central Australia. (‘Alice Springs Its History & The People Who Made It’ – Peter Donovan 1988.)

For more information on the Aboriginal Culture in Mparntwe and Central Australia, check out the Alice Springs Town Council website.

For more information about Indigenous Art and Culture, include information on symbols and galleries, check out our Aboriginal Tourism.

We also have some listings for Alice Springs / Central Australia Indigenous services.

In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

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Central Australian Visitor Information Centre

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Welcome to our Country...


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