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Sydney Buses - New South Wales Transport
Sydney Buses etiquette
When travelling on Sydney Public Bus services, there are a few tips that travellers should be aware of.
  • Express and Limited Stops Services
    not all buses stop at all stops. Some are “Limited Stops” services. That means they stop to pick up and drop off passengers at certain section points. If you get on one of these “Limited Stops” services, by mistake, do not expect to be dropped off until the next official stopping point.
  • Sydney CBD bus stop
    some buses only drop off and pick up passengers at certain stops within the Sydney Central Business District. It is up to you, the passenger to ensure that you are at the right stop.
  • Stopping a bus
    when requiring a bus to stop, you must signal early for it to stop. Do not signal it at the last minute and expect it to stop.
  • Bus fares and change
    always carry some or the right change. Some travel information have indicated that by carrying large denomination notes, that the driver will not be able to change it and hence you get to ride for free. “This is not the case”. You may end up with a bulging pocket full of coins. Carrying large denomination notes, delays the bus and the other passengers.
  • Illegal pickups
    do not request a bus driver to let you on when it is pulled away from a bus stop or waiting at a set of lights. It is illegal for bus drivers to pickup passengers at non designated places.
  • Full load
    buses have a maximum bus load capacity. Depending on the bus size, they only allow for a certain number of standing passengers. In event of an accident, bus drivers are not covered if passengers get injured, due to over capacity.

And finally, bus drivers do cop a lot of flak from commuters, in fact it is amazing what they put up with. By following the above rules, you make life easier for the driver, the passengers and yourself. If you think you have had a good service, write to the State Transit Authority and congratulate them on that particular bus driver you had. “Make their day.”

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