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Wambool Nature Reserve

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Wambool Nature Reserve

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On the edge of the Bathurst Plains and just 20 km east of Bathurst, within the Cental Tablelands, is the Wambool Nature Reserve. Established on 12 June 1987, this 194 hectare area significance is due to its unusual geology. Characterised by undulating slopes, broad gullies and low ridges, granite country gives way to slate, shales, greywackes and quartz, open grassland with scattered trees into woodland.

There are at least 226 native plants that have been recorded in the reserve. The low shrub density of the woodlands provide a perfect habitat for terrestrial orchids, the reserve being an orchid ‘hotspot’, with 48 species having been identified.

Wambool Nature Reserve is within Wiradjuri country, the name ‘Wambool’ is derived from the local Wiradjuri language and means ‘meandering’. The term is also used by the Wiradjuri people to refer to the Macquarie River. There is most likely evidence of Aboriginal occupation, especially given the reserve’s proximity to permanent water sources such as the Fish River as well as Eusdale Creek and Frying Pan Creek.1

There are two management trails. The short trail follows the northern boundary for about one km. The two km trail bisects the reserve and allows bush walkers to observe a range of vegetation as they pass form ridge to creek-line environments.

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Information Centre

Bathurst Visitor Information Centre

National Parks & Wildlife Service - Bathurst 

Wambool Nature Reserve Distance

Distance to Wambool Nature Reserve
• The Wambool Nature Reserve is located approximately 20 km east of Bathurst. It is accessible via Timber Ridge from both the Great Western Highway and the Brewongle/Tarana Road.

Following are some approximate distances by road to Wambool:
Bathurst 22
• Brewongle 6
• Kelso 19
Lithgow 48
• O'Connell 9
Sydney 186
• Tarana 18
• Yetholme 11
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
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