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Rathborne Lodge, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

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Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
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Rathborne Lodge.

Rathborne Lodge

One of the newer additions to the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney is Rathborne Lodge, located in the southern part of the gardens. This historic sandstone cottage was for many years was known as ‘Cottage 4’.  Due to a generous bequest from Cliffina (‘Babs’) Rathborne, the cottage has been restored and refurbished.

Built in 1856 for the Governor’s gardener, within the site of the kitchen garden for Government House, the cottage was incorporated into the Botanic Gardens during the 1870s. It was then used as accommodation for the gardens’ staff, but later became a residence for the Superintendent of the Gardens.

Jack and Babs Rathborne cherished the Royal Botanic Gardens, it was here that their courtship took place and in the last months of Jack’s life, the Gardens were his favourite and regular place of contemplation.

It wasn’t until after Babs’ death in 1998, that her bequest was revealed. Her will provided for ‘a suitable gift to the memory of (her) late husband John and in recognition of the enjoyment which the Gardens gave to both of us’.

Now future generations can share the enjoyment of the gardens, with this generous gift, that has given new life to the historic building now named ‘Rathborne Lodge’.

Source: Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

Rathborne Lodge.

Rathborne Lodge.

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