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Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

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Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
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The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney occupy one of Sydney's most spectacular positions located around Farm Cove on the edge of Sydney Harbour.

Established in 1816, it is the oldest scientific institution in Australia. There is much to see and enjoy for the plant and garden lover, including orchids, roses and the Bromeliaceae family.

There are guided tours, the Gardens Shop and some delightful eating places in and around the gardens. There is plenty of space and areas where visitors can bring the family and a picnic to enjoy a great days outing.

Information Centre Royal Botanic Gardens SydneyRoyal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Mrs Macquaries Road
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 02 9231 8111 / 02 9231 8125
Fax: 02 9231 8054 
Visitor Centre/Gardens Shop: 02 9252 8701

How to get there 
Buses operate to the Gardens, and there is metered parking and car parks.
You can get a train to St James, Martin Place or Circular Quay railway stations and walk to the gardens

Sun Dial in the Herb GardenSome of the things you can see in the garden include:

Cadi Jam Ora: First Encounters. A garden display that tells the story of the Cadigal people, the traditional Aboriginal owners of the Sydney city area, and features plants that originally grew on the site of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

Choragic Monument. Carved (1870) in sandstone by Walter McGill, this Choragic Monument of Lysicrates is a scaled down replica of the original, erected in Athens in 334 BC.

Henry Kendall Memorial.

Herb Garden. Herbs from around the world used for a variety of culinary, aromatic and medicinal purposes. See a sensory fountain and sundial modelled on the celestial sphere are also features.

Government House Grounds. Formal grounds of sweeping annual displays, manicured lawns and larger scale shrub plantings.

HSBC Oriental GardenThe HSBC Oriental Garden. Plants from warm-temperate and sub-tropical areas of China, Japan and Vietnam.

Macquarie Wall. Only a small section of the wall remains of this 290-metre long wall intended to separate the convict domain from the town’s "respectable class of inhabitants".

Mrs Macquaries Chair. A carved rock ledge seat where the Governor’s wife, Elizabeth Macquarie liked to sit and watch the harbour.

National Herbarium of NSW. The Garden’s scientific heart, which contains over one million specimens of preserved plant material, including some collected by Joseph Banks on Captain Cook’s voyage to Australia in 1770.

Palm Grove.  Established about 1853, this is one of the world’s finest collections of palms, including some of the Gardens' oldest trees.

The Succulent GardenRare and Threatened Plants of the World. Features plants from around the world that are rare or on the brink of extinction!

Rathborne Lodge.

Rose Garden. Inspiration to centuries of poets, writers and lovers, spend a summer day in the rose garden.

Succulent Garden. See a desert landscapes and experience the bizarre shapes of arid-adapted plants.

Exotic body at Sydney Tropical CentreThe Sydney Fernery. What makes ferns different from other plants? Find out where they grow.

Sydney Tropical Centre. Exotic plants from misty mountains and lowland forest. Discover the wonders of the tropical ecosystems.

Behind bars - the Wollemi PineThe Wollemi Pine. One of the world's rarest plants with only 38 known adult trees growing in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Come see the first specimen ever planted out!

Visitor Centre: includes the restaurant/cafe, gardens shop, education display. There are also guided tours.

Become a Friend of the Gardens. There are many benefits to becoming a Friend of the Gardens including participating in the work, achievements and numerous activities offered, discounts to activities and functions, participate in ecological and gardening tours, newsletters and much more.
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