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Centennial Park (Sydney)

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Centennial Park (Sydney)
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Sydney’s Centennial Park is a special parkland not far from the Sydney Central Business District. Opened in 1888 to celebrate 100 years of European settlement and was subject to a number of grand government schemes to build museums, mausoleums and landmarks, most of which never eventuated.

Today, in it's place we have a 268 hectares of parkland, which is well used by the people of Sydney and especially it's local community. It is a place where you can walk, jog, cycle, skate, and even horse ride. Families and friends come here to picnic, and use the BBQ facilities. Groups come here for games in the sports field areas and others just to enjoy the features of the park that include rolling lawns, water features, shady trees and birdlife. There are a number of ponds to enjoy including Duck Pond, Busby’s Pond and Willow Pond, which were once known as the Lachlan Swamps, Sydney first permanent water supply.

Centennial Park also hosts some festival events such as films and music. There is the Centennial Parklands Restaurant, located near the Oxford Street gates, as well as a kiosk on Parkes Drive serving takeaway, ice-cream and coffee. You can hire a bike from the local hire place.

To get there you can get a 380 bus from Circular Quay up Oxford Street. There are a number of entrances including the top end of Oxford Street in Paddington and Darley Road, Randwick. There is no charge to get in and it is open from sunrise to sunset. There is currently parking within the park.

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