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Nestled at the foot of Talbingo Mountain, by the shores of Lake Jounama / Jounama Pondage is the picturesque township of Talbingo, birthplace of the famous Australian author, Miles Franklin.

Blowering Dam - Snowy Mountains

An ideal place from which to enjoy the surrounding attractions such as Kosciuszko National Park, the State Forests, Buddong Falls, Yarrangobilly Caves, historic Kiandra, Tumut 3 Hydro-electric Power Station, Talbingo Dam, and Blowering Dam. Healthy activities include  bushwalking, waterskiing, boating, canoeing, trout fishing, golf and much more.

In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.
Information Centre Snowy Region Visitors Centre

Talbingo Attractions

Jounama Pondage
This idyllic water reserve prohibits swimming, boating and wading, since the operation of Tumut 3 Power Station will cause the water to rise and fall without warning, creating extremely dangerous conditions. Any persons entering o using water do so at their own risk. any person disobeying this warning is liable to prosecution - SnowyHdro.
Jounama Pondage - Talbingo, NSW, Australia
Jounama Pondage - Talbingo, NSW, Australia
Talbingo Country Club and Motel
• Bridle St, TALBINGO NSW 2720 • Ph: 02 6949 5260 • Email
Positioned on the foreshores of Jounama Dam and surrounded by Kosciousko National Park. The setting is secluded and peaceful with magnificent views over the water and mountains. Wildlife abounds and Kangaroo's & Eagles are often seen from the picturesque nine hole golf course.

The Talbingo Country Club is the ultimate multi-purpose venue with something for everyone. Facilities include licensed bar, two full size tennis courts, pool table, juke box, function rooms and childrens playground. The Gourmet Paradise Restaurant can cater for all tastes and large groups are welcome.

The Talbingo Country Club Motel is located within the grounds of the Country Club. It consists of 6 self contained units with everything provided to make your stay comfortable.
Miles Franklin Memorial ParkMiles Franklin Memorial Park
Stella (Miles) Franklin was born in the original Lampe Homestead close by Jounama Creek on 14th October, 1879 and died on 19th September, 1954. As requested in her will her ashes were strewn on the waters of Jounama, an Aboriginal word meaning “singing waters”.

Miles, who was one of Australia’s most widely acclaimed and spirited authors, wrote 21 Australian books which depicted the nostalgic years of our national evolution and reflected her belief in equality and social justice for women.

Miles loved Talbingo more than any other place on earth and her writings showed her love of the Australian bush. A fifth generation Australian, her family pioneered this District and her ancestor Edward Miles came to Ausralia with the First Fleet in 1788, on the “Scarborough”.

Miles joined the Suffragettes in England and America, helped form Womens’ Trade Unions and served with a Scottish Hospital Unit in War Zones during  World War I.

“No other place ever replace the hold on my affections of my birthplace.”

“Here in the aura of Australia are a thousand mysteries awaiting those with the grace of understanding.”

(Quote Miles Franklin)

This Memorial was erected by the people of Talbingo in 1979.

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Talbingo History

The Snowy Scheme
The new Talbingo township was established in 1966-67 as a construction centre and as part of the town planning process the streets were planted with a range of attractive trees.

Today it is a base for operation and maintenance of the local power stations and structures, however responsibility for township services was transferred to Tumut Shire Council on 1 July 1994.

The Scheme enabled the construction of Talbingo reservoir and allows the water to flow from the large Tumut 3 Power Station into Jounama before passing into Blowering Reservoir and then released into the Tumut/Murrumbidgee Rivers.

The Origins...
An authority on Aboriginal place names reasoned on the origin of Talbingo’s name. He was unable to identify “Talbingo” as truly Aboriginal. It did not ring true, but it was thought to be one of those words which came into use when the Aboriginals were beginning to introduce English sounding equivalents  into their own language. The derivation is thought to have come from two words - “Bingo” meant “Belly” and “Tal”, a derivation of the English “Tall”, meant big, high or full. Consequently, Talbingo could mean “Big Belly”.

The Aboriginal tribe  of this area were the Waradgery. They were a large  tribe extending from Jugiong in the east to Hay on the Murrumbidgee, while their southern borders would have been about Tumbarumba-Talbingo.

Most of the early settlers said the natives in this area were very friendly.
The earliest settlers - 1830-1865...
The Tumut area has been settled since 1830 and grazing licenses were issued in 1836.

William Bridle, the first settlers of Talbingo, was born in Somerset, England, in 1797.

He arrived on the ship Larkin in 1815 and by 1848 William was granted a squatting licence for 10 square miles at Talbingo. When William and his wife Martha came to Talbingo no road of any kind existed to Cooma. They came to Talbingo Mountain with their 10 children and all their belongings on a bullock dray driven by the eldest son, William Junior. Their first house at Talbingo was near Mill Creek which now runs through the golf links. After a few years they built a bigger home beside the river down from the present airstrip. In 1865 William sold the property to his son-in-law, Oltman Lampe.

In the 1850s two men, Decan and Austin, built a guest house beside Jounama Creek. In 1861 Alex Brownlie began the first hotel in Talbingo on the site and advertised its existence in the ‘Wynyard Times’ on 1 January, 1861. This later became the home of the Lampes’ in 1865.

The street names of Talbingo reflect the names of the early settlers.
Talbingo Pub...
The last permanent Talbingo Hotel was built by Harry Pether at the junction of Jounama Creek and the Tumut River. It s built of pisi (rammed mud), and was known for may year as the ‘Mud Pub’,

There were some unforgettable characters around the old pub. Probably the best known was Bill Moorehead, who worked on Talbingo Station on and off for forty years.
The Explorers...
The first Europeans to see Talbingo were Hume and Hovell’s party on 4 November, 1824.

When they came to the Blowering Valley, they followed the river all the way to Yallowin, (now known as Yellowin), where the river swung away eastward towards Talbingo Mountain, which they called ‘Ben Lomond’.

Another to make Talbingo his home was Skinny Hudson. His name was  Cyril, but it did not seem to suit him. Skinny was a very rugged character, rough looking of profile and all muscle. He was a timber cutter who put in many years of hard work swinging an axe, to supply telephone and power poles. He could tell to a foot how much he could get from a tree just by looking at it.

He had a draft horse that knew almost as much about logging as did his master. When they were moving from place to place the white-faced horse would jump on and off the truck like a dog. Skinny had a platform for him behind the cab of the truck with no rail around it, but the horse was never known to fall off.

Source: Information from town historical signage

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Talbingo Distance

Distance to Talbingo
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Talbingo:
Adaminaby 89
Anglers Reach 91
Cooma 142
Khancoban 135
Nimmitabel 178
Sydney 444
Tumut 39
Yarrangobilly 31
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.

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• Talbingo Maps
Bing Maps - Talbingo, NSW
Google Maps - Talbingo NSW 2720
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