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The Barry Way

Kosciuszko National Park

New South Wales, Australia Travel

The Barry Way

Alpine Way
Khancoban-Cabramurra Rd
Kosciuszko NP
Kosciuszko Road
Snowy Mountains
Snowy Mountains Hwy
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The Barry Way is steep, narrow and winding. It has unsealed sections. Watch out for wildlife, especially at dawn and dusk.

Petrol is not available after Jindabyne until Seldom Seen, about an hour’s drive from Willis (20 km from Jindabyne) and then Buchan (173 km from Jindabyne).

The turn off to the Barry Way is about 1.5 km west of Jindabyne on Kosciuszko Road. Approximate distances given are from the round-about here.

Park passes can be purchased at any of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Snowy Mountain offices in Khancoban, Jindabyne, Tumut and Yarrangobilly Caves.

The Barry Way

The road follows the Snowy River valley, which has been an important travel route for thousands of years.
37.3km Park boundary sign
39.7km Wallace Craigie Lookout
900 m above sea level, the lookout was constructed in memory of Wallace Craigie, editor of the Cooma Monaro Express newspaper (1922-55)., in recognition of his efforts toward the completion of this road link to Victoria. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Snowy River valley to the south., Pinch Mountain to the east and to the west the valley of Jacobs River as it flows toards the Snowy. The trees at the lookout are Eucalyptus goniocalyx, long-leaved box. Notice the grass trees as you drive down to Jacobs Bridge.
48.8km Jacobs Bridge
Crossing Jacobs (Tongaroo) River, which rises in the Pilot Wilderness. 5 km south of Thredbo.
51km Artists Bend
Stop here to walk the 1 km Tongaroo Walking Track to the Jacobs River Camping Area.
51.7km Jacobs (Tongaroo) River camping/picnic area
This was a well-used area for Aboriginal people. Later it ws an overnight corralling area for stock being taken to Bairnsdale markets. Tree markers and remains of old stockyards remind us of this time.
53.3km Halfway Flat
At this area and for the next 1 km you will see unusual shapes in the rocks on the banks of the river.
54.9km No Name
A nice stop to wander down to the sandy banks of the Snowy River.
58.4km Pinch (Moyangul) River camping/picnic area
This is the largest camping and day recreation area on the Barry Way, located on the junction of the Pinch and Snowy rivers. This is an important Aboriginal site and used to be a stock reserve on the Bairnsdale route. It is now know for its abundant wildlife including emus, kangaroos and swamp wallabies.
60km Jacks Lookout
This lookout on the Snowy River was named after Jack Shannon, a local park worker and stone mason.
61km Running Waters camping/picnic area
68.8km Scotchies Yard camping/picnic area
This area is referred to as Quong Gullamarang on old parish maps. There are references to stockyards on this site on the Snowy River from the 1830s. Fifty metres past the picnic area you can still see notched fence posts on the high side of the road. Scotchy was Scotsman William Creighton. He worked for Richard Brooks in the 1840s and 50s, owner of the out-station at Willis.
71.8km Willis
220 m above sea level. The NSW/Victorian border. Black and Allan surveyed the straight line section of the border, from Cape Howe to the source of the Murray River, through 177 km of difficult country. Before federation, a customs house stood in this area, as the Victorian Government levied tax on cattle being taken south. In the 1890s the duty was 30/- per head of cattle.

Source: NSW Parks & Wildlife Service
Check out their free ‘Kosciuszko Today’ from the local Visitor Centre

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