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Lake Inverell Reserve

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Lake Inverell Reserve

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Lake Inverell Reserve - Cities, Towns and Localities
Lake Inverell Reserve covers the lake and surrounding areas. For 45 years the lake provided Inverell’s water supply, and as a reserve the foreshore received some protection from which developed a prime wildlife habitat, particularly for water fowl. The surrounding area contains one of the shire's few uncleared remnants of black soil country.

The reserve has some particular significance for Inverell, as the meaning translated from Gaelic is ‘meeting place of the swans’, and the town's symbol is the black swan, always seen on the lake.

Facilities include shelter, picnic tables, BBQs, observation hide and marked walks.

Water birds
— seen in the area include: black swan, pelican, black duck weed duck, musk duck, black cormorant, little pied cormorant, white necked heron, white faced heron, azure kingfisher, white spoonbill, swamp hen, darter, ibis, Eurasian coote, little grebe, crested grebe, large egret, grey teal, spur winged plover, dotterels, pied stilt, and the reed warbler.

Mammals and reptiles
— seen in the area include grey kangaroo, wallaroo, platypus, water rat, eastern water dragon, snake necked tortoise, water skink, bearded dragon, goanna, brown snake, black snake, brushtail possum and echidna.

Fish -
— include the Murray Cod, golden perch, goldfish, mosquito fish, rainbow trout, carp, catfish, and gudgeon.

— the area has open dry sclerophyll forest that include the following plant life: Yellow Box, White Box, Grevillea, Blakeley’s Red Gum, native cherry, Cypress Pine, Casuarina, rough barked apple, wattle, Cayley’s Ironbark, bottle brush, native violet, Swansonia (poison).

Checkout our listing of Inverell accommodation and Big Sky Country accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

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