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Fingal Head

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Fingal Head
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Fingal Head - Cities, Towns and Localities
Located in the Far North Coast region and part of the Tweed Shire is the town and headland known as Fingal Head. This popular holiday resort is about 1 km south of the Queensland-New South Wales border. The Tweed River flows north near the coast for about 6 km, before reaching the river estuary and Point Danger, the mouth of the river that feeds into the South Pacific Ocean. The spit that forms the south head of the river mouth, faces onto Tweed Heads and Tweed Heads South. Fingal Head is midway along the spit, north of Fingal ending in Letitia Spit.

The peninsula has a diversity of features including dunes, beaches, wetlands and littoral rainforest. The headland feature, Giant's Causeway, formed from columns of basalt, remnants of flows from the Mount Warning Shield Volcano.

Aboriginal History
There are a number of Aboriginal mythology associated with the Fingal area, including that of Galiwus, a protective supernatural hairy man said to abide in a cave on Fingal Head and a mythological black dog which used to live in the caves on Fingal head, which have now been quarried away. The local Aboriginals are said to believe that when the caves were destroyed the dog became homeless and now roams the area.

Fingal Head is named Pooningbah, place of the echidna, referring to the shape of the basalt outcrop at the top of the headland.. At the northern end of Dreamtime Beach is a massacre site dating from the 1850s. There are shell middens and artefacts providing evidence of long Aboriginal occupation in the area1.

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Fingal Head Attractions

Cook Island
Located about 600 m from the headland is Cook Island, a small rocky uninhabited island. The stretch of water between is called the Giants Causeway. The waters around Cook Island to a radius of about 500 metre was made a marine reserve in 1998. The water is visited or inhabited by a number of protected species including the Giant Queensland Groper, black cod, estuary cod and the grey nurse shark.

Source: NSW Department of Primary Industries - Cook Island Aquatic Reserve

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Fingal Head Tours

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Fingal Charters
• Mobile Service, Fingal Head, 10 Lighthouse Pde, FINGAL HEAD NSW 2487
• Ph: 07 5524 1868 • Mobile: 0418 711 659 • Email

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Fingal Head Other Links

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