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Mount Victoria

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Mount Victoria
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Heritage Village on the Western Edge - just over 2 hours from Sydney and 1,044 m above sea level, is the historic village of Mount Victoria which is the most westerly township in the Blue Mountains, which still retains much of its charm through the many historic buildings.

Originally named ‘One Tree Hill’, as marked on an early map dating from 1834 by Surveyor General, Sir Thomas Mitchell, the name was changed in 1876 when the Post Office was built.

The township saw the arrival of the steam engine and the establishment of the rail terminus between 1868-1869. It would be where travellers stopped for refreshment in the Rail Refreshment Room (RRR).

Pulpit Rock LookoutToday, You can still see some of the old semaphore signals on the east-bound platform of the railway station, then take the time to visit the local Historical Society's Museum also located in the railway station.

Mount Victoria offers plenty of attractions from antique shops and galleries, cafes and accommodation. There is a number of bushwalks, including opportunities for rock climbing. You can travel the historic early roads down the escarpment from Mount York. Mount Piddington is the start of several bushwalking tracks. Some of the historic buildings include the Imperial Hotel (1878) and the Toll Keepers Cottage (1849).

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Check out our listing of Mount Victoria accommodation and Blue Mountains accommodation. As well as our listed travel guide info, In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre

Blue Mountains Visitor Information Centre

Mount Victoria Attractions

Victoria Pass
• This masterpiece of engineering windows down the western slopes of the Blue Mountains, crossing a narrow ridge at Mount Blaxland. A stone column records the completion of the pass in 1832. The famous 'Convicts Bridge' was completed in 1832.
Mount Victoria Historical Museum
• The museum is located in the old refreshment rooms of the old Railway Station. The railway station was opened in 1868, but the refreshment rooms finally closed in 1960. Today, the rooms houses an great collection of photographs, documents and artefacts from the local area.
Victoria Falls
• On the road from Sydney and 500 m before you reach Mount Victoria township, is the Victoria Falls Road that leads you to the parking area. There is a walking track to the falls, and for the more active the walk continues on through open forest to Burra Korain Flat, where there is a camping site. The extended walk is 6 km return.
Kanimbla Valley and Walking Tracks
• Ph: 08 4787 8877 (NPWS)
• There are a couple of walking tracks that extend along the cliffline of the Kanimbla Valley, taking in Bede's Lookout, Pulpit Rock, Reinitz Pass and Ross Cave.
The Toll Keepers Cottage
• Also known as the Toll Bar the Toll Keepers Cottage was built in 1849 and is a reminder today of a time when travellers along this raod had to pay a toll. Coaches were charged according to how well sprung they were. A heavy coach without springs was free because it was believed that it helped to crush the stones and smooth the road, whilst lighter coaches with springs were charged one shilling and six pence. the Toll Keepers Cottage is located east of the township, about 1 km.
Old Vic Post Office Gallery
• Formerly a post office, it is now a gallery, displaying antiques, collectables and works by local artists.
Station Street
• The street holds a number of important historic buildings including Imperial Hotel (1878), Post Office (1897), the Library (1875), Bank Buidling (1885) and the Mount Victoria Police Station (1887).
One Tree Hill
• Heading west along the Great Western Highway, Mt Piddington Road heads off to the left. Near where Mt Piddington Road intersects with Apex Ave is 'One Tree Hill', the highest pint in the Blue Mountains.
Mt Piddington
• Mt Piddington Road takes you to the top of Mount Piddington. From here a walking track leads southward into Fairy Bower Reserve.
Berghofers Pass and Walk
• Only 1.5 km west of Mount Victoria is a turnoff on the right into Mt York Road, with Mount York Lookout on the left. Further along the road on the left, is a sign for the start of the Berghofers Pass Walk. Considered a easy and pleasant walk, this 3.2 km return walk is based on an early road which leads down from the mountains to the western plains. Along the walk you will see the convict-built ramparts supporting the Great Western Highway and a drovers' dog trough cut from sandstone.
Pulpit Rock LookoutLookouts:
  • Bede's Lookout
    • Part of the Kanimba Valley walking tracks.
  • Mount York Lookout
    • Take the turnoff from the Great Western Hwy, just west of the township of Mount Victoria.
  • Sunset Rock Lookout
    • At the western end of Mount Victoria is the turnoff on the left into Grand View Road. Near the end, turn right into Beaufort Ave, which leads to a lookout over Wilsons Gully.
  • Mitchells Ridge Lookout
    • Travelling west on the highway, on the left is a small loop road to this great lookout.

• Kaniba Valley-Reinitz Pass, Ross Cave, Berghofers Pass, Lawson's Long Alley, Lockyer's Loop Walk, Lockers Rd Walk, Mt Piddington, Fairy Bower, Little Zig Zag, Pulpit Rock Reserve.

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