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Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls Reserve
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Minnehaha Falls

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Located in north Katoomba is Minnehaha Reserve, home to Minnehaha Falls. The falls are on Yosemite Creek, above Katoomba Creek junction, and accessible to walkers. The reserve is at the end of Minnie Ha Ha Road, off South Street. There is a 2.7 kilometres return walk from the carpark to the Falls.

The pool at the bottom of the falls was once over 30 metres deeps and was formerly known as ‘Bottomless Pool’. Today the pool is filled filled by sediment, making the pool ankle deep during the dry season.

The area also has fine examples of ‘Hanging Swamps’. The habitat is the result of porous sandstone layered with impermeable ironstone and shale belts. Although water can flow easily through the sandstone, when it hits the ironstone it is forced to the surface, creating the permanent damp conditions and sometimes springs. This unique habitat known as ‘Hanging Swamps’ is colonised by swamp vegetation and peat formation.

The habitat is home to the rare Blue Mountains Skink (Leura Skink, Eulamprus leuraensis) and the Giant Dragonfly (Petalura gigantea) – both listed under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. There are also some rare flowering plants including the Almaleea incurvata, Sprengelia incarnata, Epacris pulchella and Grevillea acanthifolia amongst many others.

Much of the reserve care and maintenance is by the Minnehaha Falls Landcare / Bush Group, one of the first bush care programs started in the mountains, beginning back in 1989.

Source: Weeds of Blue Mountains Bushland - Weeds and Bushcare News (October 8, 2005)
and Blue Mountains City Council: Bushcare - A Community Activity

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