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Blayney / Blayney Shire

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Blayney / Blayney Shire
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History plays an important role in all communities and here in Blayney Shire history comes alive, being also known as ‘Heritage Country’. Here you can visit many historic villages, inspect historic buildings, fossick at old mining sites, tour the many museums of interest, see the many magnificent country homesteads and much more. You can make Blayney your base to visit the surrounding district with Cowra, Molong, Orange and Bathurst, to name just a few, a stone throw away.

The sighting by Surveyor George Evans, whilst on his way to discovering the Bathurst Plains in 1813, of three hills to the south is the first record of a European concerning the present Blayney district. Evan named these hills, The Three Brothers (Little, Middle and Big). The hills are to the south-east of the village of Newbridge and can be seen whilst driving west along the Great Western highway towards Bathurst.

In 1815, Evans set out from Bathurst heading south towards The Three Brothers. As he travelled west and south, he observed a flat top mountain to the north, which he named Mount Lachlan, and later to be renamed Mount Macquarie. Continuing on through what is now Neville and Lyndhurst, he named Limestone Creek, before discovering the Lachlan River near Gooloogong, then followed it downstream for some distance.

Lachlan River - Central West

On his return trip he ventured through the southern part of Blayney Shire and saw another, higher flat-topped peak to the north, which was later to be named Mount Canobolas.

People came to settle the area during the 1820's and in 1839 the village of Carcoar was officially notified in the Government Gazette. But it wasn't until the gold rush of the 1850's and 60's that sparked the development of a number of settlements throughout the region, including Blayney and Forest Reefs. The site of Blayney was originally at Kings Plains, as set out by surveyor James Richards in 1828. However, when the town was to be laid out in 1842, it was found to be unsuitable with the present site gazetted on 26 September, 1843.

Although allocated for farming, mining was evident throughout the region, with gold being the most sought, followed by copper and iron. This wealth attracted many criminals including bushrangers Ben Hall, John Gilbert, John O’Meally, John Vane and Micky Burke.

With the arrival of the railway in 1870s, saw rapid development of the regions with towns such as Newbridge and Millthorpe flourishing.

Check out our listing of Blayney accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre

Blayney Tourist & Community Information Centre
97 Adelaide Street
Ph: 02 6368 3534
Mon to Fri 10 am - 4 pm
The visitor centre is manned depending on the availability of voluntary staff.
Hours may vary, contact visitor centre

Blayney / Blayney Shire Attractions

Blayney Library
• 48 Adelaide St, BLAYNEY NSW 2799 • Ph/Fax: 02 6368 2581 • Email
• Offering modern facilities to enhance your interest in the region including the Viv Kable Memorial Museum.

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Blayney Distance

Distance to Blayney
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Blayney:
• Bathurst 38
• Cowra 68
• Crookwell 124
• Dubbo 185
• Goulburn 168
• Lithgow 99
• Molong 69
• Oberon 84
• Parkes 135
• Sydney 237
• Yass 198
• Young 140
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.

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• Blayney Maps
Bing Maps - Blayney, NSW
Google Maps - Blayney NSW 2799

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• Blayney / Blayney Shire Community/Local Government Links
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