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Abercrombie River National Park

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Abercrombie River National Park

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Abercrombie River National Park is located 40 km south of Oberon and 60 km north of Goulburn, access is off the main Goulburn-Oberon Road via Felled Timber/Brass Walls Road (4WD in dry weather only) or Arkstone Road (2WD access to The sink camping area only). Protecting an important area of remnant bushland within the south-western central tablelands and helps preserve the pristine quality of catchment and river environments.

Abercrombie River National Park has three sections, the main section is 15,000 ha and is located on the northern side of the Abercrombie River. A smaller 4,000 ha section is located downstream on the southern side of the river. The camping area at Bummaroo Ford is located in the third 200 ha section.

The rivers and creeks throughout the park offered food and shelter for the local Aboriginal tribes, possibly the Wiradguri or Gundungarra people. The Abercrombie River was most probably used as a trading route for these tribes with stone tools and even shells from the coast being traded.

The altitudinal range and diverse geology of the park supports a variety of plant communities. Vegetation ranges from that typical of the Southern Tablelands in the east to the low-altitude open forest species of the Central-Western Slopes.

In high high-altitude eastern areas there's an association of mountain gum Eucalyptus dalrympleana and peppermint E. dives. At lower altitudes there are open forest communities of inland scribbly gum E. rossii and red stringybark E. macrorhyncha. Along the rivers and creeks tall river oaks Casuarina cunninghamia, tea tree and bottle brush. Argyle apple Eucalyptus cinerea is found within the park, close to the known northern limit of its distribution.

Fauna include wallaroos, red-necked wallabies, swamp wallabies, eastern grey kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, greater gliders, sugar gliders, brush-tailed possums, ring-tailed possums, platypus, different frog species, Gippsland water dragons and over 60 different species of birds such as the peregrine falcon.

Fish found in the river and creek systems include the trout cod and Macquarie perch (protected species), river blackfish, silver perch and the Murray cray. Introduced trout is the only fish that can be legally caught during the trout season, all other fish must be carefully returned to the water. a recreational fisherman's licence must be obtained, before fishing in any inland waters. Contact the NSW Fisheries Information Service for more information (Ph: 029566 7802).

Source: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Abercrombie River National Park Visitor Guide.

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