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Australia's leading premium airline and we are dedicated to being the best.

To contact Qantas follow the Help link on their website.

To find out the latest up-to-date information about special travel options, go to the QANTAS website and type 'Passes' in the search box.

At time of writing, the current options include Aussie Pass, Domestic Pass, Aussie Air Pas Walkabout, Australian Pass, Walkabout Pass, Stopover, Round the World, One World Explorer and World Trip.

Also check out their offerings under their Specials menu.

These special passes offer travellers (conditions apply) a way to travel, often with some special rates/discounts.

The Qantas Walkabout Pass provides travellers from the US a way to customize their trip for much less than if you booked separately.

The Aussie AirPass applies to visitors from the US or Canada.

QANTAS also have their E-mail Subscription known as 'Red e-Mail' for travellers (at time of writing) from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Provides details about their latest flight specials. Australian travellers can also subscribe to 'Red e-Mail' to be alerted of special domestic flights within Australia, as well as New Zealand and international alerts.

JetStar also has subscription alert known as JetMail.

Information on rules and costs can be made by calling Qantas Reservations on 13 13 13.

Boomerang Pass
- Formerly called 'Air Pass' and now called 'Boomerang Pass', this pass was for economy travel OW/RT/CT/OJ via carriers QF/FJ/NF/PH within Australia and New Zealand and on selected international sectors within the South West Pacific. This pass no longer exists,
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