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There are many interesting stories on the world wide web of fellow travellers and groups. Some are trips of a life time, whilst others are about enjoying retirement. There are club treks such as those organised by local 4 wheel drive clubs and online blogs and diaries of individuals, couples and family exploring the huge continent called Australia. Some stories are about seeking a new place to live, a new lifestyle or the meaning of life. There are even fantastic charity treks, all in a good cause.

Over time we will be adding them here. Following are links to some of these stories...

Travels and Treks Across Australia

With over 8 years of travelling Australia in a converted bus under their belt, Gavin and Tracey are living their lifestyle. Check out their Hobohome Travel Blog, with stories and photos of their travel. They also have a huge amount of other resources and items of interest with articles covering a great range of topics from Motorhome and Caravan Electrics, Satellite, Water, Solar and much more.
Tractors Across Australia
The Great Aussie Tractor Trip. This is the story of a highly unusual journey - one that took a convoy of 35 restored Chamberlain 9G tractors from one coast of Australia to the other! Although the original website - - is no longer active, information can be found on the Western Australia Chamberlain 9G Tractor Club - The Champion of Tractors - Trekking with Tractors.
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