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Celsius to Fahrenheit - Australia

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Temperature Conversion
In Australia we use Celsius to measure temperature. The following information is provided to help those who are unfamiliar with Celsius as a form of measurement.

There are numerous online resources for calculating and converting from celsius to fahrenheit, just do an online search.

Converting Celsius To Fahrenheit
Celsius 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Fahrenheit 32 50 68 86 104 122 140 158 176 194 212
When converting Celsius temperature into degrees Fahrenheit, use the following formula:

Temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit = ((9/5)*Tc)+32

Example: To convert 100°C into degrees Fahrenheit, you first must multiply the the Celsius temperature by nine-fifths, to get 180. Then add 32 to get 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

When converting Fahrenheit temperature into degrees Celsius, use the following formula:

Temperature in Degrees Celsius = ((5/9)*(Tf-32)

Example: To convert 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit into degrees Celsius, you first subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature to get 66.6. Then multiple 66.6 by five-ninths to get 37 degrees Celsius.

The Celsius temperature scale is sometimes referred to as the 'centigrade' scale. Centigrade means 'consisting of or divided into 100 degrees'.

The centigrade scales was developed by Swedish Astronomer Andres Celsius (1701-1744) for scientific purposes. It has one hundred degrees between the freezing point (0°C) and boiling point (100°C) of pure water at sea level air pressure. The centigrade scale was named after its inventor, as voted on by the International Conference On Weights And Measures in 1948.

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