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Welcome to our travel articles. Here you will find information and articles that will be of interest to you the traveller, as well a number of other related topics.

With the growing popularity of tablets, it has never been easier to sit down in your favourite cafe enjoying your coffee or tea, whilst reading the latest articles. As people's insatiable appetite for new stories grows, there is now a demand for articles and stories on a variety of topics. With mobile computing here to stay, it has never been easier.

As well as our travel articles here on AusEmade, readers can also keep up-to-date with our HubPages, bringing a range of articles that we hope you enjoy and find of interest. It is also a wonderful resource for reading many other articles, some how to, some best of and even some that will touch the heart.

If you are a budding writer, then why not find out how you can create your own article on HubPages, improve your skills, and earn some money. There are a number of writers on HubPages who make a good income out of writing, other just enjoy the community and the art of writing, if they earn, it is a bonus...

If you are seeking brochures, check out our partner Info Hub and browse through their huge range of publications that can be ordered for free - offering tours and packages for Australia and special interest vacations around the world.

Following are some articles for those planning a vacation here in Australia or to one of the many international destinations. Over time, we will be bringing a number of travel articles and news items covering a range of topics and destinations, so enjoy...

    • Malaysia ticks all the boxes
      Malaysia offers the perfect combination for a break in South East Asia - lip-smacking food, luxury accommodation, all sorts of pampering possibilities and some of the region's best golf courses. it's a truly multicultural place...
    • Olive Pink Rock Wallaby
      Alice Springs holds a special place in my heart. It is a town of beauty and contrast, a place I could very easily call home...
    • Essential Gear for Travel in the Outback
      If you're looking for unforgettable scenery and spectacular adventures, it's hard to beat the Australian Outback...
    • Visiting Melbourne For The First Time? Here’s a Great Introduction!
      Melbourne is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, and when it comes to travelling this spectacular city, there are certainly lots of activities to enjoy...
    • Less Well-Known Places for Tourists to See in Sydney
      When Sydney was first settled in 1788, it was a penal colony. Since then, it has taken a place among the most beauteous cities of the world, chock full of sandy beaches, nature, fashion, design, history, art and cuisine...
    • We Love Independents
      We here at AusEmade know what it is like to be an independent business. Like many independent businesses, both small and large, it can be a struggle, and definitely a lot of hard work.

      So what is it like to be an independent business? Many independent businesses are often family run
    • Little more than an hour from Melbourne
      In the centre of Central Victoria, nestled beneath the McHarg and the McIvor Ranges lies the postcard region of Heathcote.
    • Handmade Expo
      Local markets are one of the popular attractions, not only with locals, but with tourist from around Australia and overseas. Now visitors to South East Queensland have something else to add to their must do list...
    • Tasmania's Bay of Fires - Lonely Planet's No 1 Destination for 2009
      It seems many people are unaware of the abundance of pristine beaches and sheltered coastal areas offering equally attractive experiences...
    • Tasmania's Bed and Breakfasts - An Endangered Species?
      Sorry, but placing a few groceries in the larder doesn't make a bed and breakfast!
    • Tasmania's famous bed and breakfasts - hosting is the key!
      Tasmanians are naturally friendly, relaxed people and their bed and breakfast hospitality became legendary. Not just for the people who ran them, of course, but the properties themselves were - and still are - very special...
    • Dangerous Australians - Aquatic Holiday
      Australia is also home to some of the most dangerous of creatures, some of these are found in the waterways and seas around Australia...
    • Lightning Ridge - a place to inspire
      located in outback NSW on the world's richest deposit of black opal, is a place that abounds with colourful characters, barrels of dreams, opportunity and experiences...
    • The Red Centre / Central Australia
      Alice Springs and Uluru are recognised as the being in the heart of Australia, providing the main transport hub for those planning to visit...
  • HubPages:
    • Visiting the Heart of Australia...
      The place that is named after a woman who has never been there, and after a spring that never existed...
    • A Boat Race On A River With No Water...
       You couldn't ask for a better day... vivid blue sky and sunshine... expansive stretch of sand... the early birds had staked their spots, hours before the start... the crowd begins to swell, spilling down the river bank. The excitement was palpable, as the anticipation grew. The gentle breeze fluttered the pennants and flags, whilst the boats jostled where they were moored...
    • The Beanie Capital of the World...
      The original Beanie Festival was held to sell beanies that had been crocheted by the Aboriginal women in the remote communities of Central Australia. It was an event where people from different cultures could share and exhibit their works together.
    • Travelling with your family...
      Travelling Australia with your pets... how it all began and how we trained our dogs for travelling...
    • Skippy, Kangaroos and Wallabies
      I have this memory as a teenager, when we first learnt that we were coming to Australia to live, of expecting to see a kangaroo hopping down the streets of Sydney... this was back in the early 1970s...

      You can also create your own article on HubPages...

Keep coming back, as articles are often updated, as well as new articles appearing.

Don't forget, you can also contact the local tourism visitor and information centre for your destination. In many cases, as well as having an online presence that may offer downloadable information, they may also be able to send you some brochures, especially for those visitors who are planning to visit.


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