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AusEmade are pleased to have joined Hubpages to write some articles not only on various subjects but to open up to their readers some of the magnificent destination, attractions, festivals and events to be found in this wonder country of Australia.

For those who do not know anything about HubPages, it is a community of writers, who can post magazine style articles (referred to as Hubs). Members vary from new writers to the more experienced writers. It is as wiki terms it, a 'user generated content' website. Yet it is more than that, as you join a community of people from all walks of life sharing and writing about their experiences, their loves and dislikes, from what they know, and what they love and are passionate about.

On top of all that you can earn money, perhaps only a few cents per month to begin with, but as you continue to write and comment on other Hubs, the revenue can increase.

We at AusEmade have joined HubPages to write about and share some of the wonderful things about Australia. Whilst writing for HubPages you are encouraged to enrich your content by embedding videos, photos, maps, reader surveys, and external links.

With links, there are limits as to the type and number of external links you can create. So we have listed our Hub articles here and supplemented them with additional links, resources and information.

If you are a budding writer, then why not find out how you can create your own article on HubPages, improve your skills, and earn some money. There are a number of writers on HubPages who make a good income out of writing, other just enjoy the community and the art of writing, if they earn, it is a bonus...

Following are the AusEmade Hubs, keep coming back as we write more articles...

Visiting the Heart of Australia...
The place that is named after a woman who has never been there, and after a spring that never existed...

Following related links to our article:

The Beanie Capital of the World...
There are old stories... that weaves it way through this land. The threads come from tribes and communities... of ancient times and the people...

Following related links to our article:

Travelling with your family...
Travelling Australia with your pets... how it all began and how we trained our dogs for travelling...

Following related links to our article:

Skippy, Kangaroos and Wallabies
I have this memory as a teenager, when we first learnt that we were coming to Australia to live, of expecting to see a kangaroo hopping down the streets of Sydney... this was back in the early 1970s...

Following related links to our article:

Keep coming back, as articles are often updated, as well as new articles appearing.

You can also create your own article on HubPages...

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