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Olive Pink Rock Wallaby

Olive Pink Botanic Garden Rock Wallaby © Dorothy Latimer

by Dorothy Latimer

Alice Springs holds a special place in my heart. It is a town of beauty and contrast, a place I could very easily call home.

Four days after arriving in Alice Springs I had made plans to visit the Olive Pink Botanic Garden to give my camera a little workout. I awoke early to find it was raining, but a little rain was not going to deter me from my plans.

Arriving at Olive Pink there were a number of other cars there. I opted to walk up Meyer Hill hoping to be the only one on the track. Much to my surprise and delight, there in front of me was a rock wallaby. I managed to get two photos before the rock wallaby hopped away.

Continuing on the track, a short distance later, I came across two Euros that appeared to be mother and son. They were casually preening themselves on a rock that over looked the cafe. Several photos later, I continued my ‘paparazzi by stealth’ mode, as I searched for the rock wallaby. It seemed I would be out of luck, as I criss-crossed the summit. Then I spotted my prey. Very quietly, I slowly closed in, getting a few photos as I got closer. Then in my excitement I tripped over!!

As I was falling, all I could think of was my new Canon lens, in my valiant attempt to protect it. As I dusted myself off, I looked down at the polarizer filter, and smirking to myself, I thought ‘now the lens has character, with the ding on the edge’.

Sitting up, I saw the rock wallaby was still there sitting on the rocky slope. I was really excited to get many more photos, which I am delighted in sharing some of them with you here.

For the people who have not been to Olive Pink Botanic Garden, it is a must visit destination, not only for the solitude and peacefulness the gardens can give, but the flora and fauna as well.

Some of the wildlife to be seen include the Euros, rock wallaby, perentie, western bower birds and babblers. The garden also host exhibitions of art and sculptures, with some sculptures becoming permanent displays in the natural surrounds of the botanic garden landscape. There is also the café where you can enjoy the ambience of the area whilst enjoying a light meal with a cool drink, tea or coffee.

Check out Olive Pink Botanic Garden if you want to see some of these images in larger format.

Alice Springs Rock Wallaby © Dorothy Latimer
Black-footed Rock Wallaby.

Rock Wallaby © Dorothy Latimer

Rock Wallaby on Meyer Hill © Dorothy Latimer

 Two Euros on Meyer Hill © Dorothy Latimer
 Two Euros on Meyer Hill.

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