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Malaysia ticks all the boxes

Malaysia offers the perfect combination for a break in South East Asia - lip-smacking food, luxury accommodation, all sorts of pampering possibilities and some of the region's best golf courses. it's a truly multicultural place, where modern chic meets ancient tradition, so it's worth checking out hotel deals to get the most out of your holiday.

Malaysia's culturally convergent history means its cuisine is rich and varied. you'll find plenty of local twists on Chinese and Indian food, with Indonesian, Singaporean, Thai and even Japanese influences thrown in, especially in the flavourful capital of Kuala Lumpur. Rendang, a spicy coconut stewed beef dish, won a 2011 CNN poll of the 'world's 50 Most Delicious Foods' whilst roti canai, an Indian flatbread, brings endless fillings and sauces to the table, especially at breakfast time.

In Kuala Lumpur one of the top places to try Chinese Hakka cuisine is Hakka Restaurant, in the open air, overlooked by Kuala Lumpur's Twin Towers and the city lights in the centre of town. With over half a century of experience cranking out sizzling dishes to 1,000 diners every night, you can be sure this place knows how to serve up its extensive flavourful menu which includes steamed crab, Chinese vegetables, and roasted pork belly.

Malaysia ticks all the boxes - Marriott Hotel Reservations

And, whilst you won't want to miss the hawker food on offer at the city's markets throughout the day and night, Frangipano offers a more upmarket dining experience. Situated at Bukit Bintang, the French cooking here is sophisticated and sumptuous, known for its fresh salmon dishes, and its fusion food with Malaysian twists such as foiegras with apple rendang strudel.

Further proof of Malaysia's many tempting offerings for holidaymakers, lies in its splendid golf courses. Owing to the country's hugely varied geography, you can play anywhere from beaches to mountains, to remote rainforests. There are over 200 courses across the country to choose from and a wide selection of top quality golf hotels and resorts means greens and fairways are usually in excellent condition.

Situated a short hop from Kuala Lumpur across the South China Sea in Borneo, the Hornbill Golf and Jungle Club is not for the faint of heart. Nestled in the ancient virgin rainforest 1,000 metres above sea-level, it's built on previously damaged and deforested land. The $100 million resort aims to give something back to its incredible surrounding environment, and its design by Neil Crafter is a fitting tribute to it. Nearer the city, Tan Sei Lee Kim Yew - the man behind the Hornbill Club - has built the Mines Club, a rightly well-known adventurous course on what used to be a vast open tin mine. And then there's the Royal Selangor Golf Club which has had a presence as far back as 1893 but has recently seen renovations at the hands of Nelson & Haworth. Its extensive range sits right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

When it's time to relax, spa treatments and spa resorts in Malaysia offer unique experiences incorporating the lesser known elements of traditional Malay massage. 'Silat' is a traditional Malay martial art and its movements and combinations of natural remedies have been used in treatments in Malaysia for generations, with a focus on pushing blood along the veins for an invigorating experience, or away from them for relaxation. Spa resorts on the coast such as TanjongJara offer traditional Malay treatments that also include rituals based on history and culture, such as traditional drumming. You can skip the rituals if you like, and pick the treatments a la carte, which include everything from scented body steaming to a heated sea sand therapy.


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