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Search and Price Comparison Sites - Online Shopping
With online internet shopping, the world wide web brings to the shopper, an easy way to shop and compare prices, all from the comfort of your home.

The starting point for many online shoppers is to use a search engine, type in the product name they are looking for and pressing the search button. The search result will return a list of possibilities. Often among them will be a number of ‘price comparison’ websites.

Check out some of our listed shopping and price comparison websites.

Taking Care When Shopping Online
Although internet shopping can be enjoyable and often with successful outcomes, shopping online of course can also be fraught with danger. Consumer Affairs regularly receive complaints, with some of the issues being:
  • did not receive the goods that they ordered and paid for
  • experienced long delays in receiving the goods
  • received the goods, but they were different to what they ordered.
So what should you do?
  • Always do your research when purchasing from any individual or company over the internet. Remember, just because they have an internet site does not mean they are legitimate business.
  • For Australians, if buying online, preference should be given to buying from an Australian business, as you have a greater chance of any issues being addressed. You should still always check that they are a legitimate business.
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On-line Shopping and Price Comparison

• An Australian company that provides a free online comparison shopping resource for you, the consumer. Getprice provides a great way to research products, including their buying guides for more information about which products to buy, access to product reviews, merchant reviews, and more. Products are presented in an easy to read list, so you can see and compare prices, with the stores from which they are available at. Once you know which product you want, you can click through to the online store of the retailer and complete the purchase with them.
• Australia's premier comparison shopping service. We collect information on products and their prices from thousands of online stores and then compile all these data in a single convenient and easy to use catalogue so that online shoppers could select the right product at the right price from millions of goods on offer and then click on the chosen product to be taken to the online merchant's site where they can complete their purchase.
• Shopbot is dedicated to price comparison for all of your product needs, no matter what you are shopping for. The Australian site is part of Shopbot-Inc, an international group of high performance price comparison websites.
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