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Rivers, Lakes and Waterways of Australia
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Rivers, Lakes and Waterways of Australia

Rivers, Lakes, Waterways
Lakes and Reservoirs

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Rivers, Lakes and Waterways of Australia
Australia is the smallest of the continents, as well as being the lowest, flattest and, with the exception of Antarctica, the driest.

Waterfalls in Australia, tend to be at their best during periods of rain, such as during the wet seasons in the far north. Although we do have waterfalls that can be seen at any time of the year, others only occur during periods of considerable rainfall, such as the waterfall into the ‘Garden of Eden’ at Kings Canyon or the myriad of waterfalls tumbling down Uluru.

It does however have some waterfalls of which the tallest are:
Wallaman Falls, QLD
305 meters (numerous ledges)
The tallest of our waterfalls at 305 m, is located west of Ingham, high in the Seaview Range, with the accumulated waters surging along Stony Creek to abruptly plunge more than 300 metres down a sheer cliff, creating the Wallaman Falls.
Wollomombi Waterfall, NSW
220 meters (100m as single drop)
Located east of Armidale, which includes a single drop of 100 m. Sometimes quoted as Australia’s tallest waterfall, but this is only if it is measured from its highest point, where the land has a much gentler gradient and the water does not truly ‘fall’.
Ellenborough Falls, NSW
160 meters (single drop)
Perched on the edge of the New England Tableland, just north of Taree, Ellenborough Falls is regarded as Australia’s tallest single-drop waterfall.

Source: Geoscience Australia: Tallest Waterfalls

There are many other waterfalls, some becoming truly spectacular when there is heavy rainfall up-river from the fall. Visitors can see waterfalls in most states and territories, although some will be dependent on the weather:


Montezuma Falls, (Rosebery, TAS)
Preston Falls, (Gunns Plains, TAS)
Russell Falls (Mt Field NP)
Winterbrook Falls (Leven Canyon, TAS)

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Western Australia

Horizontal Falls, (Talbot Bay, WA)

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