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Taking Your Pets On Holiday

Holidaying with Your Pets

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Taking Your Pets On Holiday
Many people, like to take their pets with them on holidays, especially those short weekend breaks to the longer vacations. Today, there are a growing number of places opening up as pet friendly holiday destinations, offering a range of services catering to this growing 'holidaying with pets' market.

Travellers seeking pet friendly destinations for their next holiday can check out the information and links provided within this site. We cover a range of topics from places to stay, how to find out about pet friendly venues for both leash and off-leash activities, as well as a range of other pet related listed online services. We will continue to expand the resources and links to other sites that may be of interest to you and your family pet and we welcome any feedback or suggested links. Pet friendly service providers should view our linking policy before submitting a link request.

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Certain accommodation venues such as caravan parks and farmstays allow pets for certain times of the year and under certain conditions. You should always contact them to clarify that they will allow you to bring your pet.

You can also ask accommodation providers, that may not specifically say ‘no pets’ as to whether they will allow your pet. Some may say yes, depending on the breed and size of the pet.... there is no harm in asking.

With holidays in Australia that involves a domestic flight, you need to check with the airlines to see if they will allow you to check your pet in as excess luggage, to be collected at the other end. You can hire pet containers from most carriers, but check with the airline for full details about taking your pet onboard. If you are concerned about how your pet will handle the journey, put something familiar such as the pet blanket or toy in the container.

Pet owners should always be aware and recognise that there are many people, including children who are afraid of certain types of pets such as dogs and certain breeds of dogs.

Pet owners must accept all responsibility for their pets, use leads when required and attend to their pets toilet needs, as well as clean up after them. Do not spoil it for other pet owners who follow you.

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