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Western Australia Islands of Australia
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• Rottnest Island
• Rowley Shoals Islands
Western Australia has the most number of islands, in excess of 3,500 islands. Off the coast of Western Australia are several large groups of small islands of which only a few are accessible to tourists.

Just off Esperance, along the south western coast, are a group of about 100 islands. The islands here is home to plenty of wildlife, including penguins, water birds and fur seals. From Esperance you can take a trip out to Woody Island, which offers basic camping facilities.

One of the more popular islands is Rottnest Island, just west of Perth. Other islands west of Perth include Garden Island, Penguin Island and Seal Island, with the latter two being part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. During October to May, you can take a cruise to visit the fairy penguin colony on Penguin Island.

Further north, off the central west coast are the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, that are made up of about 100 small islands. There are day trips to view the fantastic birdlife, and whilst there you may want to do a bit of diving to see the Acropora Family Coral.

Off the coral coast are the Montebello Islands, that stretch from Onslow to Karratha. Made up of more than 100 limestone islands, the Montebello Group was named in 1801 by the French explorer Baudin. Islands in this area include Barrow, Depuch, Direction, Dolphin, Enderby, Hermite, Legendre, Muiron, Rosemary, Tent and Thevenard Islands. These islands belong to the Montebello Islands, Muiron Islands and the Dampier Archipelago. The Dampier Classic Fishing Competition in August is hosted here in the Dampier Archipelago, a popular region for game fishing.

Keep on going north, off the north coast of Western Australia and the Kimberleys’ many more islands can be found. Several Islands include Adele, Augustus, Bigge, Cockatoo and the Heywood Islands. A fair distance from the Western Australia coastline, are Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands.

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