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Tasmania Islands

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Tasmania Islands of Australia
To see a full list of islands in and around Tasmania follow the links in the left navigation panel...
• Badger Island
• Bruny Island
• Chappell Islands
• Dart Island
• Diamond Island
• Fleurieu Group
• Flinders Island
• Furneaux Group
• Governor Island
• Isle of the Dead
• King Island
• Little Waterhouse Is
• Maria Island
• Mount Chappell Island
• Sarah Island
• Tamar Island
• Three Hummock Island
Tasmania is often referred to as the ‘Apple Isle’, after one of its important produce some years ago. Tasmania is a land mass off the south east side of Australia. Surrounded by water, it is often talked about as an island, however, Tasmania is a State of Australia, and is often referred to as an ‘island state’.

Sharing the Bass Strait with Victoria, Tasmania is also surrounded by over 1,000 islands. In fact, Tasmania has more coastline than Victoria and New South Wales combined, in absolute terms. This can be explained by Tasmania highly indented coastline, large harbours and embayments, and the many major islands including King Island, the Furneaux Group, Maria Island, Bruny Island, Hunter Island, Three Hummock Island and Robbins Island. When you include the main island and Macquarie Island, Tasmania consists of 374 islands that are greater than 1 hectare in size and 6,163 islets smaller than 1 hectare1.

To see information about some of the beautiful islands surrounding it including Bruny Island, Flinders Island, and Maria Island, visit our Islands page or visit the Tasmania Islands Map.

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1. Tasmania's Coastline and Coastal Waters, Updated by Richard Mount, Ste of Environment Data Coordinator, Resource Planning and Development Commission, 9 May 2001. Department of Primary Industries and Water. Retrieved July 23, 2007, Tasmanian Coastline and Coastal Waters Calculation_12052001.pdf
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