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Flora and Fauna - Wild flowers and Wildlife in Australia

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Australian Flowering and Other Plants

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Flora • Links
The continent of Australia has a unique depth of flora and fauna, not found anywhere else in the world. As well as the natives, colonisation and modernisation has brought many flora and fauna to Australia from around the world, some of which have done too well and have reached plague proportion, often threatening, if not having already wiped out various native species.

We bring for you here, resources and links that offer an insight into what is Australia, as well as links to other sites offering information on the 'Kingdom Plantae'.

Flora • Australian Links

Australian Institute of Marine Science
• PMB 3, Townsville MC, TOWNSVILLE QLD 4810
• Ph: 07 4753 4444 • Fax: 07 4772 5852 • Email
• Packed full of information, including the Flora and Fauna Environs section with Field guide to the bush birds of Cape Ferguson, as well as info on the marine and terrestrial national parks. The Australian Institute of Marine Science is actually located within the Bowling Green Bay National Park.
Australian National Botanic Gardens
• Australian Government Department of the Environment and Heritage
• Welcome! to the world of Australian plants, botany and horticulture! Follow the link to Floral Emblems of Australia. Some great information on Australian floral emblems. There site also has an ‘Australian plant common name database’, that you can search.
Australian Nurseries Online
• PO Box 162, MONBULK VIC 3793
• Ph: 03 9756 6394 • Fax: 03 9756 6394 • Email • We provide the Australian gardener with information on Retail, Wholesale and Mail Order Nurseries, along with a guide to gardening services throughout Australia, including a comprehensive plant finding index.
• Has an index of plants that cause skin problems. Just follow the Index to the 'P'.
Environment Australia
• EA > Biodiversity > Threatened Species > TDS > HFH Awards
• The National Threatened Species Day is held on September 7th each year. First held in 1996, to commemorate the death of the last Tasmania Tiger in captivity in 1936 in Hobart, National Threatened Species Day aims to encourage the community to prevent further extinctions of Australia’s fauna and flora, and to restore healthy numbers of endangered species and ecological communities in the wild. September is also Biodiversity Month, a time when many Australians celebrate our unique and valuable biodiversity with activities to protect and conserve the environment. There is also the annual Habitat Awards.
Families of Flowering Plants of Australia
• CSIRO Publishing
• Families of Flowering Plants of Australia: An Interactive Identification Guide (Revised Edition) is an identification and information package for all of the plant families, native and naturalised, in Australia. It enables the user to: quickly and easily identify a plant to family level; learn about Australia's plant families from text descriptions and notes; and view more than 1,500 full-colour photographs or drawings of representative species.

The new browser in this version interface enables quick access to the rich stores of information or to the identification key, using the latest web-integrated Lucid Player.
The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc
• PO Box 330, GOULBURN NSW 2580
• Ph: 02 4822 0329 • Fax: 02 4822 0215 • Email (check address from site)
A non-profit organisation formed by Mrs Margaret Davis OBE in 1950. The organisation provides services to its members particularly through its journal ‘Our Gardens’ and currently has a membership in excess of 581 affiliated clubs representing more than 36,000 individuals. Sections include diary, journal, services, seasonal tips and more.
Wildflowers in the West • Wildflower Interpretive Education Centre
• Ph: 08 9651 8010 • Email
• An informative website to help you find where the wildflowers are in the region north of Perth, Western Australia. You can also visit the wildflower farm, see, smell and touch. The farm is located 19 km north of Moora, roughly between Perth and Geraldton on the Midlands road. The Farm has a restaurant and gift shop. The shop show cases local product at marvellous prices. Entry and a comprehensive tour of the Wildflower packing, drying and dying sheds is free.

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Flora • Other links
• Information in the Life Sciences. Includes a Dictionary section.
Dave’s Garden
• Email: online
• A network of sites sharing gardening and plant information. Check out The Plant Database.
The Plant Kingdom
• Offers an introduction into the taxonomic world of the plant kingdom. The site offers a clickable taxonomic tree of the plant kingdom.
• Built by biologist, the site has a image search engine. You can search b y full or partial taxon, common name, keyword or locality, country or state.
• Succulent plant site. Includes a Botanical Dictionary.
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