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Victoria - Wildlife Aquariums, Reserve, Sanctuary, Zoos
For those seeking fauna as part of their tourism experience, Australia offers a great number of ways and places to enjoy the wildlife to be found here. For those visiting Victoria there are numerous places throughout the state to see both our native wildlife and other animals.

There are national parks, wildlife reserves, reptile farms, conservation refuges, zoos and aquariums, the assortment and variety of places are considerable. You are not limited to just these places, as the chances of seeing wildlife in their natural environment is considerable.

From the coastline bordering on the Bass Strait overlooked by the Great Ocean Road and the Shipwreck Coast trail, tourist get the chance to spot whales and dolphins; the seal colony at Cape Bridgewater; the penguin parade and the Koala Conservation Centre on Phillip Island; Greens Bush in the Mornington Peninsula National Park home to the large mob of kangaroos.

The national parks and outback roads often provide a chance to see kangaroos and other animals that now call Australia home, such as wild horses, whilst bird lovers will see all sorts of birds species throughout Victoria, Australia. For those into our unique reptiles, keep your eyes peeled when driving through this state, especially in the outback roads for some of our tiny lizards and larger reptiles. 

Victoria - Wildlife Nature Reserves, Zoos, Parks, Aquariums

Ballarat Wildlife Park
• Cnr York & Fussell Sts, BALLARAT EAST VIC 3350 Ph: 03 5333 5933 • Email

• The interactive wildlife experience of a lifetime! Koalas, wombats, salt and freshwater crocodiles, Tasmanian devils, goannas, giant tortoises, wedge-tailed eagles, snakes, wallabies, free-range kangaroos, emus and more. The park is a comfortable drive from Melbourne by car or coach and just 5 minutes from Sovereign Hill.
Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat
• RMB 5040, Colac-Lavers Hill Rd, LAVERS HILL VIC 3238 • Ph/Fax: 03 5237 3234 • Email

• Imagine accommodation where you can get close to friendly Australian wildlife; without the crowds! Stop dreaming, make it a reality! We offer the best Aussie wildlife experience in the world! Learn about the animals, our important breeding programs and find out what you can do to make sure these animals are around in the future.
The Royal Melbourne Zoological GardensThe Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens
• Elliott Avenue, PARKVILLE VIC 3052
• Ph: +61 3 9285 9300 • Fax: +61 3 9285 9350 • Email

• Follow the Melbourne Zoo link. Just 4 km from the city centre, and with over 350 wildlife species in naturalistic settings. During summer months, the zoo remains open on selected evenings until 9:30pm.
Healesville SanctuaryHealesville Sanctuary
• Badger Creek Road, HEALESVILLE VIC 3777
• Ph: +61 3 5957 2800 • Fax: +61 3 5957 2870 • Email

• Healesville Sanctuary is only an hour from Melbourne, but a visit there will take you closer to Australia’s unique wildlife than you ever thought possible. Featuring wild encounters and unique experiences with Australian wildlife amongst the sights, sounds and scents of the stunning bushland surrounds. Follow the Healesville Sanctuary link.
Koala Conservation Centre • Phillip Island Nature Parks
• Harbison Rd, PHILLIP ISLAND VIC 3922 • Ph: +61 3 5951 2800 • Fax: +61 3 5956 8394 • Email

• Stroll through this eucalypt woodland and come ‘face-to-face’ with koalas in their natural habitat. The Koala Conservation Centre’s unique tree top boardwalks and close viewing areas allow visitors to see how truly amazing koalas are. The new koala boardwalk provides exceptional koala viewing and features amazing views of a beautiful natural wetland area.

Promoting koala conservation, this ecotourism attraction has been essential for saving Phillip Island’s koala population and natural bush environment. The new close viewing area plays host to a special koala breeding program over the next year, ensuring it remains a key player in the conservation of these important animals. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a ranger-led ‘Koala Eco-Explorer Tour’ which provides them with the chance to discover behind the scenes information about one of Australia’s favourite icons.

Another spectacular area is the woodland walk. Wandering through natural bush, amongst hundreds of different species of Australian wildlife, (including wallabies, possums, echidnas and snakes) visitors can try to spot the koalas themselves.

The Koala Conservation Centre also features a visitor interpretation centre with gift shop and educational displays, which visitors will find extremely fascinating and informative. The Koala Conservation Centre is part of the Phillip Island Nature Parks and is a great addition to any trip to Phillip Island and the Penguin Parade.
Bush Thick-knee (Burhinus magnirostris) / Bush Stone-curlew (Burhinus grallarius)
Bush Thick-knee (Burhinus magnirostris)
/ Bush Stone-curlew (Burhinus grallarius)
Kyabram Fauna Park
• Pilley Reserve • Lake Rd, KYABRAM VIC
• Ph: 03 5852 2883 • Fax: 03 5853 2336
• Open 7 days 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

• This award winning attraction allows visitors to share the relaxed natural surroundings with more than 100 species of Australia's unique wildlife that include koalas, parrots, Tasmanian Devils, owls, water birds, reptiles, dingoes, kangaroos and much, much more. For more information and images, click here...
Mansfield Zoo
• 1064 Mansfield-Wood Point Rd,
• Ph: 03 5777 3576 • Mobile: 0419 229 166
• Fax: 03 5777 3432 • Email
• Open 7 days from 10 am

• Nestled in the beautiful Delatite Valley with magnificent views to Mt Buller, Mansfield Zoo offers a great day for all ages. Check out our website for the latest information.
Maru Koala & Fauna Park
• 1650 Bass Hwy, GRANTVILLE VIC 3984
• Ph: +61 3 5678 8548
• Fax: +61 3 5678 86074 • Email

• Experience ‘up close and personal’ contact with the animals. Hand feed kangaroos, wallabies, emus, birds; observe koalas from the comfort of the restaurant (Licenced); mini-Golf Extravaganza!! Putt your way around Aust. Swings!; 18 holes from the beach to the outback zone; enjoy a snack or a meal with Devonshire teas a specialty; BBQ facilities available.
Melbourne Aquarium
• Cnr Queens Wharf Rd & King St,
• Ph: 03 9620 0999 (Information Line)

• A interactive and involving journey through the Southern Ocean. 2 levels above ground and 2 levels below the surface of the Yarra River.
Victoria's Three Great ZoosVictoria’s Three Great Zoos
• Zoological Parks & Gardens Board, PO Box 74, PARKVILLE VIC 3052
• Ph: +61 3 9285 9300 • Fax: +61 3 9285 9330 • Email

• The website for Open Range Zoo at Werribee, Melbourne Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary are all accessible from the same address.
Victoria's Open Range Zoo at WerribeeVictoria’s Open Range Zoo at Werribee
• K Road, WERRIBEE VIC 3030
• Ph: +61 3 9731 9600 • Fax: +61 3 9731 9606 • Email

• Why travel thousands of kilometres, when a taste of African Adventure is available just 30 minutes from Melbourne? At Werribee Open Range Zoo, you'll find an amazing array of animals living in a wide open savanna. Discover grazing rhinos, giraffe and zebras, see cheetah and cheeky monkeys at play, get close to a pride of lions, and encounter a family of hippos at the new Kubu River Hippos experience. Follow the Open Range Zoo link.
Wildlife Wonderland
• Bass Hwy, BASS VIC 3991
• Ph: +61 3 5678 2222 • Mobile: 0419 377 707 • Fax: +61 3 5678 2256 • Email

• Hold the wombats, feed the kangaroos, get close with the koalas. Fully guided ranger tours.
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Victoria and Other Fauna Websites - Other Links

To visit the wildlife reserves, zoos, parks and aquariums, check the listings under each state and territory. For listing of websites dealing with marsupials, mammals, birds and other fauna, check out the listings below and those listed National section and throughout this site.
Australian Bilby Appreciation SocietyAustralian Bilby Appreciation Society
• RANGEVIEW VIC 3132 • Email

• For people who appreciate the Bilby in any of its forms - Be it the Greater Bilby, the Lesser Bilby, or even the Chocolate Easter Bilby!
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