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Wildlife in South Australia

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Wildlife Aquariums, Reserve, Sanctuary, Zoos
For those seeking fauna as part of their tourism experience, Australia offers a great number of ways and places to enjoy the wildlife to be found here. For those visiting South Australia there are a number of places throughout the state to see both our native wildlife and other animals.

There are national parks, wildlife reserves, reptile farms, conservation refuges, zoos and aquariums, the assortment and variety of places are considerable. You are not limited to just these places, as the chances of seeing wildlife in their natural environment is considerable.

South Australia offers some interesting and unique places to view wildlife including Adelaide Zoo for those visiting the SA Capital City of Adelaide; the Warrawong Earth Sanctuary in the Adelaide Hills; the zoological park in Monarto; and the wildlife park in Bordertown, home of the white kangaroos.

The national parks and outback roads often provide a chance to see kangaroos and other animals that now call Australia home, such as camels and horses, whilst bird lovers will see all sorts of birds species throughout South Australia. For those into our unique reptiles, keep your eyes peeled when driving through this state for some of our tiny lizards to the larger reptiles, especially as you travel through the outback. 

South Australia - Wildlife Nature Reserves, Zoos, Parks, Aquariums

Adelaide ZooAdelaide Zoo
• Frome Road, Adelaide SA 5000 • Ph: 08 8267 3255 • Fax: 08 8239 0637

Bordertown Wildlife Park

• The first white Western Grey Kangaroo, a buck, was introduced to the Wildlife Park in 1980 from ‘Warrokoo’, a property on the New South Wales border, adjoining Chowilla. The first white joey was born in 1984, followed by a second two years later.

In 1968 this land was selected by the Bordertown Chamber of Commerce to be developed as a Wildlife Park and stop-over point. The 4.5 hectares is now administered by a small band of volunteers and is being preserved as near as possible to its natural vegetation and habitat.

The kangaroos tend to live on the higher, drier ground at the eastern end of the park in winter and the cool shady areas in summer. The dominance of the white gene has been clearly evident and by August 2000, 43 white kangaroos had been bred in the park. These ‘white roos’ are a dominant genetic strain of the Western Grey and ‘are not albino’, as thought by many first time visitors. With the success of the ongoing breeding program, a number have been sent to other parks and reserves around Australia.

The park is also home to some red kangaroo, red necked wallabies, dama wallabies, emus, stone curlews, black swans, teal, chestnut teal, wood ducks, black ducks and mountain ducks.

Visitors are able to drive or walk around the outside of the 4.5 hectare park, as all the inhabitants can be viewed through the fence, however there is currently no access into the park itself.

Did you known the Western Grey Kangaroo is also known as Macropus Fuliginosus. Check out our images of the 'white kangaroos' at Bordertown.

Monarto Zoological ParkMonarto Zoological Park
• Princes Hwy, MONARTO SA 5254
• Ph: +61 8 8534 4100 • Fax: +61 8 8534 4077 • Email (admin) • Email (tours) • Disabled accessible services.

• A 1,000 hectare open-range sanctuary that has a major role nationally and internationally in breeding programs for rare and endangered species. Located only 45 minutes (70 kms) from Adelaide, and is the gateway to the picturesque Murraylands region.

Features include the only drive through Cheetah habitat in Australia, South Australia's first ever Southern White Rhinoceros, largest Giraffe herd in Australia, as well as the adventurous safari bus and walking tours that operate every day of the year. Want more, then check out the ‘working with wildlife’, a full day ‘hands on’, behind the scenes experience.

Royal Zoological Society of SARoyal Zoological Society of SA

• The Royal Zoological Society of South Australia Inc is a non-profit society that administers the Adelaide Zoological Gardens and Monarto Zoological Park.
Warrawong Earth Sanctuary
• Stock Rd, Mylor via Stirling, SA, 5153 • Ph: 08 8370 9197 • Email

• Warrawong Earth Sanctuary in the Adelaide Hills offers a unique experience. On our Guided Walks you can see endangered animals in their natural habitat as it was 200 years ago.
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