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Alice Springs


The Outback Way stretches right across Australia from Laverton, Western Australia in the west to Winton, Queensland in the east, via central Australia and covering some 2,800 km. This spectacular self-drive route can be further extended from Perth on WA's western coast to Cairns, on Queensland east coast.

As a self-drive route this spectacular drive passes through Central Australia, passing iconic attractions such as Uluru and Kata-Tjuta. The heart of Australia is Alice Springs that provides access to a great number of natural attractions and smorgasbord of festivals and events.

The Outback Way is made up of seven inter-connecting roads including The Great Central Road (WA); Tjukaruru Road, Lasseter Highway, Stuart Highway and Plenty Highway (NT); and Donohue Highway and Min Min Byway (QLD). Collectively these are THE OUTBACK WAY.


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The Outback Way Distance

Distance to The Outback Way
• Following are some approximate distances by road along The Outback Way:
Perth, WA to Laverton 952
Laverton to Warburton Community 691
• Warburton Community to Docker River, NT 335
• Docker River to Yulara / Uluru 231
Yulara / Uluru to Erldunda 244
Erldunda to Alice Springs 199
Alice Springs to the Plenty Hwy turnoff 68
• Plenty Hwy (via Harts Range approx 147 km) to Donohue Hwy turnoff 491
• Donohue Hwy to Boulia, QLD 252
Boulia to Winton 360
Winton via Hughenden (pass Townsville), along the coast to Cairns 943
Total: (these distances can vary depending on stopovers and detours) 4,766
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.

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The Outback Way Maps
There is a zoomable road map available for download from The Outback Way
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