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Australia Touring Routes - Tourism Drives
Australia's Country Way
Explorer's Way
Great Inland Way
• Highway 1 / Highway One
Nullarbor Plain Drive
Oodnadatta Track
The Outback Way
Overlander's Way
Pacific Coast Touring Route
Savannah Way
Simpson Desert Drive

One of the best ways to experience Australia is by exploring the region doing one of the many tourism drives. Whether you want to do a coastal drive like the famed Victorian Great Ocean Road, or inland drive like the Australia's Country Way, there is no shortage of wonderful scenic touring routes. All states and territories provide a great selection of self-drive routes, there are even some great 4 wheel drive routes that take you where others cannot go.

Some of Australia's greatest drives are quite extensive, crossing state or territory borders, some even traversing the country from the west coast to the east coast. Promoted as Australia's longest shortcut - The Outback Way, links Laverton in Western Australia to Winton in Queensland. This wonderful drive can be extended even further by connecting Perth to Cairns.

Of course, you do not have to do the entire tourism route, as many can be done in sections or you may opt to shorten the drive and take in many of the side detours along the route.

Station Stays SA © Outback Business Network / Desert Knowledge AustraliaThe timeless Nullarbor Plain Drive from South Australia into Western Australia, known as 'crossing the Nullarbor' is one of those iconic outback drives, a journey into and across a timeless and unforgettable land, and for some Australian's it is something that they must do once in their lifetime.

For those planning an outback touring drive, another great option is to incorporate some of the wonderful 'Outback Station Stays'. Many outback stations are now operating a range of packages, providing assorted options from experiencing how country folks live and work, to the tranquillity of bush camping. Most outback stations offer a range of accommodation packages and experiences, so check them out as a great addition to your outback drive.

For those travelling through South Australia outback region there is an exciting range of options and accommodation, check them out at their Station Stays SA.

Many tourist like the freedom of the self-drive tours, but don't forget that there are many guided tours, some of which include the tag-along for those bringing their own vehicles.

Scenic drive in Wilpena Pound and Flinders Ranges Country, South Australia
Scenic drives around Wilpena Pound and the Flinders Ranges can reveal unexpected surprises.
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Australia Tourism Drives

The listed touring drives cross state/territory borders. Additional touring routes can be found within each state and territory.
Great Inland Way
The Great Inland Way is one of those great drives in Australia, that actually connects Sydney to Cairns, providing a sort of "off the beaten track" inland drive, as an alternative to the Pacific Coast Touring Route. You can opt to only do the New South Wales section of the drive, from Sydney to the border village of Hebel just on the Queensland side of the border.

New South Wales Great Inland Way - Queensland Great Inland Way
The Outback Way
The Outback Way stretches right across Australia from Laverton, Western Australia in the west to Winton, Queensland in the east, via central Australia and covering some 2,800 km. This spectacular self-drive route can be further extended from Perth on WA's western coast to Cairns, on Queensland east coast.
Pacific Coast Touring Route
This wonderful drive starts in Sydney, New South Wales and follows the east coast all the way to Brisbane or continue on to Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. Of course you may opt to drive from Cairns to Sydney or start in Sydney, NSW and end in Brisbane or you can just do the New South Wales section of the route, starting or stopping at Sydney.

Check out The Legendary Pacific Coast - Sydney to Brisbane website.
The sleeping hippopotamus near Bugaldie, NSW
There are scenic drives in and around the Warrumbungle, Coonabarabran, Bugaldie and Baradine.
Not far from Bugaldie there is the Hippo Rest Area where you can see the sleeping hippopotamus.
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