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Outback Australia
Nullarbor Plain
Simpson Desert

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains...

This extract from the beloved Australian poem 'My Country' by Dorothea MacKellar, captures the very essence of Australia's outback, imageries of what the vast outback means for many Australians.

It is the spirit of the outback, that is imbued in the Australian landscape and the people that call it home. With the growing interest of travellers wanting to experience the 'real Australia', there is plenty of ways that you can interact with this vast ancient land, providing you with memories of activities and experiences that will stay with you forever.

The 'Outback' stretches from the west coast of Western Australia, through the heart of Australia, encompassing both South Australia and the Northern Territory, to the east coast of New South Wales and Queensland.

For some, the Australian 'Outback' is not just mere desert regions and remote towns, any place beyond the bustling modern cities of today, is often referred to as the 'Outback'.

When researching and planning your next outback holiday, there are numerous popular and well known destinations. From the perennial favourites of the Red Centre, such as Alice Springs, Kings Canyon and Uluru in the Northern Territory, or heading south to the spectacular formation of Wilpena Pound and the Flinders Ranges. Head east to New South Wales and there is the historic mining town of Broken Hill and the longest continuous rivers system of the River Murray and the Darling River. Head north to Queensland and walk into volcanic lava tubes at Undara or explore where dinosaurs once roamed in Winton.

The Australian outback can be experienced via one of the many touring options, many giving you the option to just do part of the drive, explore detours along the route, or take the entire extended drive, crossing state borders. Whether it is Queensland's prehistoric Dinosaur Trail, the New South Wales to Queensland Australia's Country Way or the timeless Nullarbor Plain Drive from South Australia into Western Australia. Crossing the 'Nullarbor' is one of those iconic outback drives, a journey into a timeless and unforgettable land and for some Australian's, it is something that they want to do once in their lifetime.

Station Stays SA © Outback Business Network / Desert Knowledge AustraliaAnother exciting way to experience the 'Australian Outback' is with an 'Outback Station Stay', with a range of options from experiencing how country folks live and work, to the tranquillity of bush camping. Outback stations today, offer a range of accommodation packages and experiences, so check them out as a great way of living like a local. South Australia outback region have an exciting range of options and accommodation, check them out at their Station Stays SA.

So if you are a city slicker, a local or an international visitor, come and explore beyond our main cities, there is much to see, experience and explore.

Many tourist like the freedom of the self-drive tours, but don't forget that there are many guided tours, some of which include the tag-along for those bringing their own vehicles.

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